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Street Fighter 6 Juri ultimate guide: gameplay tips and updates

Looking for a Street Fighter 6 Juri guide that tells you all you need to know? Here are some tips and an overview of her gameplay changes in the sequel

Street Fighter 6 Juri Ultimate Guide: Juri can be seen in art

If you like characters that use their legs more than their fists, the Taekwondo martial artist Juri Han in Street Fighter 6 is one of the best picks you can make. There’s a lot to talk about this sadistic woman, and we will cover all your need to know in this Street Fighter 6 Juri guide.

A modern fan favourite, Juri has conquered the franchise since her first introduction thanks to her flashy design and exciting resources. In this game, she’s back with her well-known core mechanic, but it has received an intriguing twist.

Below, read through our Street Fighter 6 Juri guide to learn more about this character, her changes, and her moveset.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Overview

Originally introduced in Super Street Fighter 4 and with a special appearance in Street Fighter 5’s DLC, this is the first time that Juri has become part of the main roster in the series. This will hardly come as shock to most fans since she inspires great passion in players around the world and has quickly become one of the series’ most popular characters.

Her look in this game is more similar to her original design in Street Fighter 4, with loose bottoms and a crop top, abandoning her spandex suit from the previous game. However, some things that Juri hasn’t lost are an obsession with moving like a spider, kicking at strange angles, and smiling with satisfaction when hurting her opponents. Although she seems to be on social media now, scrolling on her cellphone after her victories.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen kicking Jamie

Regarding Juri’s gameplay, her core mechanic is back from her previous appearance in Street Fighter V. Juri can charge Fuha stocks by doing her Fuhajin move (back quarter circle + any Kick). She can then spend her stocks on unique moves that can link with each other, creating fun and deadly combos.

The maximum amount of stocks she can store is three, and you can check her current number by looking at the Ying Yang symbol next to the Drive Gauge. Also, her foot will now have a purple aura if you have at least one stock. However, it’s worth mentioning that these stocks don’t carry over rounds, so you will want to use them in the same round you charge them.

The rest of Juri’s moves are ones you already know. She still has her DP, Tensenrin (forward Shoryuken Input + any Punch), her low projectile, Saihasho (forward quarter circle + Low Kick), is back to mess with your opponent’s guard, and her air kicks, Shiku-sen (back quarter circle + any Kick while in the air), need to be manually inputted like in Street Fighter 4.

Her Super Arts feel nostalgic, too. Sakkai Fuhazan, her first Super Art, is a barrage of kicks and projectiles, pretty similar to the one in Street Fighter IV — although you can hold the Kick button and do more damage by spending one charge now. Her Super Art Level 2, Feng Shui Engine, is the classic boost super, and her Critical Art, Kaisen Dankai Raku, is basically the same move she used to do in Street Fighter 4 — you know the one where she grabs you with her foot.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen pulling off a taunt

Juri character changes and updates

Considering that her Fuha moves and stocks mechanic are part of her core gameplay, it’s worth mentioning that both received important changes in Street Fighter 6.

In the previous entry, you had to charge a stock with a particular Fuha move to be able to use the true form of that attack. For example, to use Ankensatsu (forward quarter circle + Medium Kick), you’d have to charge a stock with your Medium Kick in order to use that attack.

However, the new Juri in Street Fighter 6 has broken this rule in two interesting (and dangerous) ways. Firstly, her Fuha moves don’t require charges anymore. You can now do an Ankensatsu or a Saihasho without any charges, which gives you many more opportunities in the battle.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen performing a multi-kick attack

These moves still have an enhanced version that needs to consume one stock to be used, but here is where the second key change comes in: the stocks are generic. Tired of charging a specific Kick attack to use that Kick’s Fuha move? Don’t worry, now you can charge three stocks with just the Low Kick Fuhajin and use any Fuha-enhanced move that you want.

Her Feng Shui Engine also has a small change that references her Street Fighter 4 version: Linking special attacks doesn’t consume chunks of the special bar, which now automatically decreases over time. This means that you can unleash a good number of specials without thinking too much about how much of the bar is left.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen doing a powerful upward kick

How to play as Juri in Street Fighter 6

Juri can be a complex character for beginners due to her stock mechanic and the difficulty of learning how to use it properly. Also, the fact that she might depend a bit too much on precise links and combos will ask a lot from you. However, she’s a strong character full of versatility and combo options. Her lack of long-range projectiles can leave you wondering how to approach the enemy, but there are a couple of things you can start practising.

For starters, Juri’s dash has a more than impressive range and it’s pretty fast. Don’t use it all the time as your rival can easily stop your movement with any projectile or regular attack, but keep it in mind for quick approaches.

Her Drive Rush can also close distances in a similar way, but you need to spend Drive Gauge to use it (one bar if you cancel a Drive Parry, three if you use it while standing). It’s best to leave this tool for other combo opportunities, but it’s there as a backup.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen kicking Jamie

Some better options for getting close to your enemy are Juri’s Medium and Heavy Fuha moves or her dive kick. You don’t need to use the enhanced versions of these attacks for them to be useful, although they will deal more damage if you do so – but aren’t safe on block.

If you’re fighting a character that has projectiles, Juri has a better tool (at least most of the time) than Drive Parry. This is Fuhajin. Your special kick can charge a stock, deal damage to your rival if they are close enough, and also absorb enemies’ projectiles. This is a great choice for denying fireballs and other projectiles. Just be careful with the timing of the projectiles you want to block.

It’s worth mentioning that parrying projectiles is a good option when your Drive Gauge is running low and you need to recharge it. But for other situations, Fuhajin or jumping are better resources.

Speaking of Fuhajin, it’s important to always have at least one stock while fighting. While you can definitely win rounds without them or just using the Overdrive versions of your Fuha moves, they will improve your chances.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen performing her special

Knowing when to charge stocks is highly situational, but apart from blocking projectiles, you can always use the time when your enemy is far away to quickly input Fuhajin with Low Kick. Sometimes, even jumping backwards at the start of the round might give you the chance if your rival doesn’t follow you right away.

Moving to combos and what moves to link, there are several options. One of the most impressive ones at the moment is down forward Medium Punch, down Medium Punch into Drive Rush (two times forward before the previous hit finishes). From here you can experiment and discover different possibilities. For example, Medium Punch, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, Heavy Punch, Go Ohsatsu (Heavy Fuha move), and the ender, which can be Tensenrin or a Super Art (except the Level 2 art).

Feng Shui Engine can be followed by another move when the opponent is in hit stun. This powerup can be used as an extender by quickly pressing another attack (like Medium Punch) or by holding the Punch button when activating it. Holding that input will make Juri dash attack into the enemy, which can also be cancelled into other moves.

Street Fighter 6 Juri Guide: Juri can be seen scrolling through her phone

Some final tips for Juri involve her air attacks and her Fuha moves. When fighting against a jumping enemy, remember that Juri can jump and grab them in the air. Not many characters have this kind of resource in the game, which makes Juri a strong aerial threat. Plus, Tensenrin works as a perfect anti-air attack when used at the right time.

Closing with her Fuha moves, Saihasho is pretty useless if you don’t use it enhanced (with either stocks or Drive Gauge). Its range is just too short and it doesn’t give you much room for any kind of follow-up. And don’t forget that you can link Go Ohsatsu and Ankenatsu (from Heavy Fuha to Medium Fuha) but not the other way around.

Hopefully, the tips and explainers included in this guide will give you a better understanding of Juri and some useful info for your first matches with her. The rest is up to you!

Juri is continuing her reign as a fan-favourite character in Street Fighter 6 with a lot of new tricks up her sleeve. If you are keen to get a feel for the rest of the roster or have another character you are keen to know more about, check out our Street Fighter 6 characters guide to learn more about everyone.