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Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode guide

Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry in Capcom's fighting game franchise and adds a new story mode called World Tour, so here's everything we know

street fighter 6 world tour running around the open world city

If you’re a member of the fighting game community, Street Fighter 6 will be a big blip on your upcoming-games radar. Well, unless you like Tekken – then you’ll just mock it from afar while waiting for the next Tekken game that allows you to suplex someone as King. But, with the latest iteration comes a new mode in the form of Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

Addressing complaints from the previous game, Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 World Tour is set to bring a much needed upgrade to solo play and acts as a good starting point for players new to the series and who don’t want to jump into competitive modes right away.

Below, you’ll find everything we know about the new mode in Capcom’s latest fighting game, including what it entails and how it will play.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode guide

Street Fighter 6 World Tour is a single-player game mode that features a vast world for you to explore as a custom character. In the mode, you will travel across countries and meet a variety of the game’s characters. As you meet these characters you can choose whose moves you want to take and build into your own character as you grow your bonds with the characters, able to explore more of the map and the different locations.

The mode features custom exploration, quests, unique combat situations and modes like a 2D beat ’em up and more. The mode also has a full character creator, gear to equip, and more.

According to the game’s website, it “defies genre labels” and allows you to “carve out your own legend on the streets.” One of the criticisms of Street Fighter 5 was that it didn’t have enough single-player content, so Capcom seem to be putting more focus on this area this time around.

Luke, a character introduced to the series towards the end of the Street Fighter 5’s support, appears in the game’s announcement trailer and we speculate that he will either feature in World Tour, or play a key role in teaching players how to play World Tour.

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That’s everything we know about Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode for now, but you can find out what characters will be available to play by reading our Street Fighter 6 roster guide. Or, you can check out our release date guide to see all the latest information on when the game drops.