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Street Fighter 6 roster - what to expect

Looking for a full lineup of the Street Fighter 6 roster of fighters, including those from the leak? Here is what to expect from it

Street Fighter 6 Roster: Luke, Jamie, Chun Li, and Ryu can be seen in art for Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 impressed when the first gameplay revealed At Sony’s June 2 State of Play and we got a look at four characters. But, since then we are starting to see the Street Fighter 6 roster take shape thanks to a number of leaks that have shown their will be two sides to it: the old and the new.

All of the classic characters have been redesigned to fit the game’s new art style now that it is being made in Capcom’s RE Engine. However, the new characters embrace the hip-hop street atmosphere and tone of the game which sets up the World Tour mode and is the backdrop for a lot of the stages you will fight in.

Below, you can find the Street Fighter 6 roster overview and how the two different categories of characters are different from each other.

Street Fighter 6 Roster

The Street Fighter 6 roster looks to feature 23 characters, eight of which are brand new to the series (including Luke who is significantly different) and 14 characters returning from previous games. All of the returning characters have been significantly re-designed to fit the new art style and atmosphere in Street Fighter 6.

The characters also represent a variety of locations, with each revealed in the roster leaks. This ties into the World Tour theme of the game and the single-player, campaign-style mode in the game itself which will have you touring these locations and meeting the various characters.


That covers the Street Fighter 6 roster and what to expect. For more on Street Fighter 6, check out what fighting game pros want to see from the game and more ahead of the Street Fighter 6 release date.