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All Street Fighter 6 gift locations

Find out all the Street Fighter 6 gift locations so you can hand your favourite character the items that will give you a lot of favor with them.

Street Fighter 6 Gift Locations: Cammy can be seen

Street Fighter 6 is filled with stuff to do in its World Tour mode. But, one of the things you can find while playing is a variety of gifts. These gifts can then be handed to your fighting masters to grow your bond and get new moves for your avatar. But, where are all the Street Fighter 6 gift locations?

To really make the most of your time in Street Fighter 6 World Tour, you will want to get all of these and then also give the best gifts in Street Fighter 6 to the right masters so you don’t waste your money or your one chance to gift an item. So, it’s best to seek these out across the different locations in Street Fighter 6, with the full list below.

Street Fighter 6 gift locations

The various gift locations for the Street Fighter 6 characters are:

  • Shopkeeper Biz (Metro City) – Fighter Magazine Special Issue
  • Shopkeeper Udon (Metro City) – Instant Soba, Luxury Heat Pack
  • Colesseo (Italy) merchant – Celery Chips, Cold Tomato Soup, Red Elevator 8, Rubber Duckies
  • Thunderfoot Settlement (Mexico) merchant – Cookbook
  • King St. (UK) merchant – Double KO Gum
  • Bather’s Beach (Jamacia) merchant – Antique Playing Cards, Bao Bao Brother Sticker, Beaujolais, Celery Chips, Jellied Eel, Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll, Red Elevator 8, The Answer Lies In The Heart Of Love
  • Ranger’s Hut (Brazil) merchant – Lukewarm Beer
  • Genbu Temple (Japan) merchant – Natto
  • Shopkeeper Dora (Nayshall) – Canned Herring, Prepaid Card
  • Shopkeeper Tsanpa (Nayshall) – Instant Curry, Psycho Charge
  • Dhalsimer Temple (India) merchant – Wrench
  • Barmaley Steelworks (Russia) merchant – Wooden Bear
  • Fete Foraine (France) merchant – Cold Tomato Soup
  • ‘Monk Without A Cause’ quest – Classy Confectionaries
  • Cammy’s friendship mission – Tiramisu Boba
  • Chun-Li’s friendship mission – Neco Acrylic Keychain
  • Juri’s friendship mission – Citrus Perfume
  • Lily’s friendship mission – Locket
  • Manon’s friendship mission – Pricey Check
  • Zangief’s friendship mission – Commemorative Medal

We still are finding a few, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates to this guide in the coming days.

These gifts will allow you to rank up your bond level with the fighter of your choice faster and besides the mission-based gifts, they can be purchased multiple times. So, you can very quickly rank up your bond level, provided you have the money.

You will need to rank up your bond level in order to get the Street Fighter 6 alternate costumes for the various fighters. Although, if you don’t want to spend the time to fully level them up, as it can take a while, you can also purchase them from the game’s store (but it will cost you real money).

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That covers all the Street Fighter 6 gift locations. These are one of the core aspects of the World Tour mode, so you will want to make sure you find as many as you can so you can level up your fighter, get more moves and be ready for Avatar Battles in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub online.