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What is the Starfield jackpot combination?

Look no further for the Starfield jackpot combination for the Almagest Jackpot backend computer to access the rewards from the casino.

Starfield jackpot combination: Sam Coe looking towards the camera with a blurred image of the Almagest jackpot backend computer behind him with a padlock icon.

What is the Starfield jackpot combination? If you’ve ventured into the glamorous (but long abandoned) Almagest Jackpot casino, then you’ve no doubt come across the Starfield jackpot backend computer asking for a specific combination of numbers. To save you rummaging around the Spacer infested location, we’ve got you covered with the solution to the Starfield jackpot combination.

Starfield players can’t resist the allure of free loot, so the jackpot backend computer has been causing some ruckus. After all, what could be inside? One of the best Starfield weapons, perhaps? Or even one of the Starfield unique weapons. Well, the jackpot combination will not give you either of those, but it is still worth doing given how quick it is to solve. We’ve got the combination from our playthrough for our Starfield review.

What is the Starfield jackpot combination?

The Starfield jackpot combination is 12-19-36-5, letting you access the jackpot backend computer to receive 3,700 credits onboard the Almagest casino.

When you interact with the jackpot backend computer, it will give you one option – ‘input jackpot combination’. Selecting this will give you four numbers to choose from for four different entries in the combination chain. However, with so many different options, it’s very unlikely that you’ll figure out the solution to this puzzle.

Starfield jackpot combination: The jackpot backend computer on the Almagest.

Unfortunately, all you will get is 3,700 credits, which is a measly sum, especially since the Almagest was once a renowned casino. That’s right, the only reward for completing the Almagest jackpot backend is a small amount of money. Not quite the jackpot you imagined, right?

Thankfully there are several crates of contraband located next to the jackpot backend aboard the Almagest which are significantly more valuable than the rewards from the puzzle. However, you will need to understand how the complicated Starfield contraband system works if you want to get away with the potential profits from these illicit goods.

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Where is the Starfield jackpot backend combination location?

The Starfield jackpot backend combination is located on the manager’s computer in a nearby room, revealing the correct combination of numbers when interacted with.

Given many players won’t be searching this environment from head to toe, especially since it’s crawling with Spacers, we expect many players will have missed the solution to this puzzle. While it’s not particularly hard to find, it is a little out of the way and, frankly, finding it naturally isn’t worth it considering the tiny reward for completing the jackpot backend puzzle.

Well, that’s all you need to know about the Starfield jackpot combination for the jackpot backend aboard the Almagest. Given the measly reward, you’re better off joining one of the many Starfield factions if you’re looking to make a pretty penny, particularly the Starfield Ryujin Industries corporation or the Starfield Crimson Fleet.

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