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Starfield’s best outpost is a player-made Waffle House in Florida

Earth might be a desolate husk of a planet in Starfield, but one player brings real restaurant Waffle House to life through Starfield outposts.

Starfield outposts earth waffle house

Selecting one of the many Starfield backgrounds is a big choice, but if you’re a culinary connoisseur, then the chef’s life is calling you. Putting their various Starfield skills to good use, one player is bringing a slice of life to the game’s barren version of Earth, but we don’t anticipate it to attract many customers. Although, it is one of the best Starfield outposts we’ve seen yet: a Waffle House.

Just like the glow of McDonald’s Golden Arches, the comforting aura of Waffle House’s yellow signage indicates tasty treats aren’t far away. TikTok user ‘ST4RBOY’ aims to replicate this experience in Bethesda RPG: “Since Earth was mostly destroyed in Starfield, I knew I had to bring back the one place that could withstand anything, so I went to Florida.”

Navigate Earth via the game’s planetary map system, the TikTok user is clearly busy visiting numerous iconic landmarks, pinpointing Florida accurately in-game. Laying the foundations for the “first Waffle House in 200 years”, the entrance to this galactic food haven is protected by “armored airlock doors for extra safety.” That means any potential Spacers won’t be getting a taste anytime soon. Although, the risk of danger on Starfield’s Earth is very low.

@official_st4rboy I Built a Waffle House in Starfield, and of course had to place its first location in Florida! #Starfield #starfieldgameplay #gaming ♬ Living in a Haze (Instrumental) – Milky Chance

According to the video, this lonesome Waffle House location “has everything you’d need” to get an establishment like this up and running – like “bounty clearing and mission boards.” Nothing better than tucking into a hot meal without the worry of a bounty hunter knocking down the Waffle House airlock. The location is also next to the NASA launch base, but we recommend making your way through the main Starfield missions to experience it properly.

We’re curious to see if any other Waffle House locations appear throughout ST4BOY’s universe. Maybe they’ll have a change of heart and choose to bring the residents of Akila City or New Atlantis a completely different food endeavor. They’d have to trek far out into the wilderness to sample it, though.

Starfield waffle house outpost

Aside from player-made Waffle House outposts, there is somewhere in Starfield that you can visit right now: Reach from Halo.

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