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Yes, you can find the iconic Halo Reach planet in Starfield right now

Thanks to the power of both Halo and Starfield using real astronomy, you can find the iconic Halo Reach planet, Eridani II, in Starfield on Xbox right now.

Starfield Halo Reach planet: Sarah Morgan and Master Chief

Bethesda’s Starfield is an absolutely huge RPG, so of course there’s going to be a lot of Starfield easter eggs for eagle-eyed Spacers to find while playing. From several Star Wars easter eggs scattered throughout the Starfield cities you can explore to more than a handful of references to Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls series, you don’t have to travel very far from New Atlantis to find a few of them. One of the less-obvious ones, though, is the fact that you can find Halo Reach in Starfield. If you’re looking for one of the best Starfield planets to settle on, the nexus of UNSC military operations (in the Halo series) should be one you check out.

In the Halo series and 2010’s Halo Reach, the planet Reach is the second planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, a short 10.5 light years away from the Sol System and Earth. Although it doesn’t pop up very often in the series, it’s actually a pivotal location in the Human-Covenant War that serves as one of the biggest UNSC defeats in the conflict.

Sounds like a cool place to visit in Starfield, right? Well, you can visit it – and more.

What’s more is that you don’t even need one of the best Starfield ships to get there, although that would help. All you need to do is look for the Eridani System – which you can find on the other side of The Pup from the Sol System on the edge of the galaxy map – and Grav Jump there. It’s a level 20 system, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to be at a comfortable level to travel there, either. Although, if you have the best Starfield skills at your disposal, you should be fine.

If you’re in the Alpha Centauri system, you should be able to jump to Kapteyn’s Star to the ‘south-west’ and then again in that same direction to the Eridani system. You can also check out Game-Maps’ Starfield galaxy map here if you’re having trouble finding it.

Starfield Halo reach planet galaxy view

Once you get here, all you need to do is look for the second planet from the sun – Eridani II – and land there. Then, you’re on Reach; it’s that simple. As a planet to set up a Starfield outpost on, it’s actually quite a good option as it offers up Copper, Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, and Gold. You’ll also find that this planet has a safe and temperate atmosphere and 0.86 gravity; it really is a great place to set up a base. There are also multiple biomes to explore, if you’re looking for a bit of variety.

Starfield Halo Reach planet system view

If you’re not convinced, you can check out some of the other best Starfield outpost locations right here. It might also be worth checking out some of the best custom Starfield ships too, while you’re at it. You can even bring more Halo-inspired content to your Starfield save with a custom-built ship.

For example, you can build this Halo Pelican in Starfield’s ship-builder – if you have enough credits – thanks to content creator ‘WiLLiSGaming‘. Check out how below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools like a New Atlantis map for exploration.