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Starfield Direct hype so high fans try to work out hairstyle options

The hype for the Starfield Direct showcase is so high that Xbox fans believe they've sussed how many hair styles comprise Starfield's customization options.

Starfield customization options

The seconds between now and the upcoming Starfield Direct can’t fade away any quicker, and fans of the Bethesda space RPG are feeling the same way. In fact, the wait for the Starfield release date is getting so intense, that members of the Xbox game’s community believe they’ve already worked out how many hairstyles will make up the many Starfield character customization options. Grab your hair gel for this one.

Before the Starfield Direct release date arrives, Redditor ‘Harrison_Allen’ is deep into a galactic voyage of their own, as they posit that “Starfield has 47-51 hairstyles” to use for your own astronaut. The eagle-eyed Starfield fan is using each and every facet of previously released gameplay to make this assumption.

On the way to this claim, the Redditor says that “based on the position of the slider for hair 19, I’ve worked out that Starfield has roughly 47-51 female hair options available.”

The Starfield enthusiast adds “47 is a more conservative count based on the hair color slider’s rightmost position (just in case sliders don’t actually go further than that), but if it’s filled all the way we get 51.” For the purposes of comparison within the realm of Bethesda RPG games, this theory uses Fallout 4 as a measuring parameter: “Fallout 4 has only 38 female hairstyles available (even counting hair unlocked by DLC, magazines, and the styles not available until reaching a barber).”

Starfield Has 47-51 Hair Styles
by u/Harrison_Allen in Starfield

Character customization is an essential part of the best RPG games experience, not just for Bethesda fans. With a different aesthetic to hone in for Starfield, we’re hoping that the game’s customization leans into the surrealist nature of 1950s sci-fi novels and the best science fiction movies to put our eyes upon. Basically, we want some epically strange and distinct choices to work with. Starfield Redditors feel the same way – especially when it comes to facial hair.

“Hopefully that means we get a decent amount of beard/facial hair options as well. Especially those of the full and well-groomed/well-kept variety,” says ‘Junior061989‘. Furthermore, ‘ChainRound5397’ adds that “hopefully we don’t have to always wear our helmet, or at least have the option to toggle it on or off like in ESO. I like wearing my helmet but sometimes I like to be able to see the ugly mug I’ve made.”

With so many Starfield planets to explore, there is a real opportunity for Bethesda to make each adventure that extra bit special with some gnarly customization choices. That might just take the game into the ranks of the best RPG games for Xbox players.