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Three ways you can cure an addiction in Starfield

If you've taken a few to many Stimulants, find out how you can cure addictions in Starfield and continue on with your galactic adventure.

Starfield Cure Addiction: A nurse can be seen

How can you cure an addiction in Starfield? Just because you’re a space explorer doesn’t mean you can avoid some less attractive human traits we find in the modern day. Starfield addictions are one example of this as if you don’t prevent them, you become dependent on various substances that the frontier holds.

But, there isn’t just one stimulant to succumb to in Starfield, there are several, and if you take too many of a certain type, you’ll be hit with adverse effects like reduced carry capacity or slower oxygen regen – two things you really don’t want. Whether you’re playing on your Xbox or PC via Game Pass you’re probably going to encounter addiction at some point, so here we’ll be detailing exactly how to cure them. When you’re wielding the best Starfield weapons and mastering the best Starfield builds for your character, you want to be sure you’ve got a clear head.

How to cure addictions in Starfield

You can cure Starfield addictions by:

  • Visiting a doctor
  • Using Addicrone
  • Using a Junk Flush

You can find a deeper dive into each one below.

The first way you can cure an addiction in Starfield is by making a beeline straight for a doctor. These can be found on a plethora of different Starfield planets as long as there is a built-up area where NPCs have made their homes, such as New Atlantis.

Using that initial city as an example, there is a doctor located within the Reliant Medical facility which is situated in the Residential District. If you choose this method to cure your addiction it’ll set you back 450 Credits which is peanuts in the grand scheme of things. You could sell that stack of junk you’re likely carrying around to outweigh the cost here.

If you do use the doctor to cure the addiction, it will be fully cured, meaning it will be gone forever. Well, until you pump a bunch more Stimulants into your body that is.

Starfield Cure Addiction: A doctor can be seen

A second way you can cure addiction in Starfield is by using an item called Addicrone. You may have found some of this stuff if you’ve done a bunch of exploring but if not, don’t fret. You can purchase Addicrone from different vendors scattered around the systems as well as from facilities like the aforementioned Reliant Medical in New Atlantis.

Unfortunately, these only temporarily repel your addiction, keeping it at bay for 10 minutes. While this might be enough for you to get by on your current mission or resource harvest, you’ll be right back at square one when the timer has run out.

They’ll also set you back 300 Credits each which in comparison to the price of the doctor’s work, doesn’t seem particularly worth it. However, what they will do is get you out of a pinch if you accidentally enter an addiction phase when in an intense combat situation. So when you put it like that, it’s 300 Credits or potentially head back to your last save game. These are better for those moments when you are in a pinch.

Starfield Cure Addiction: An Addicrone can be seen

The third and final way of curing addiction in Starfield is by using an item called Junk Flush. This, like the aforementioned Addicrone, is sadly a single-use item and comes at a much higher price, but it does have increased effects.

You can pick these up for approximately 700 credits, which might immediately make you think otherwise, but what they will do is completely rid your character of any addictions they have for good. This means that Junk Flush is way more potent than Addicrone, and in the grand scheme of things, is probably more cost-effective since the latter only quells any addiction for 10 minutes.

These, again, can be bought from a variety of medical vendors in the Starfield cities or if you’re lucky enough, can be found in abandoned outposts on your travels.

Starfield Cure Addiction: A Junk Flush can be seen

How common is it to get an addiction in Starfield?

We’ve talked about how to cure a Starfield addiction but how easy actually is it to get one? Well, put it this way, we’d be shocked if you weren’t on the receiving end of these symptoms at one point in your adventures.

This is due to the fact that any form of Stimulant has pretty decent pluses for your character, whether that be Hippolyta’s increased persuasion effects or AMP’s enhanced movement speed. So, it’s pretty likely you’ll be using a few of these on your travels or for combat. You don’t need to take a crazy number of Stimulants to become addicted either so it is done with ease.

If you do end up using quite a few, you’ll become addicted to all forms of Stimulants no matter which you have taken. But, all of the aforementioned cures are pretty low-cost solutions to remove the negative effects of the addiction. So really, it’s not too big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

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