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Every affliction you can get in Starfield and how to cure them

Here's a complete overview of every Starfield affliction that you can get during your journey across the stars on Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.

Starfield Afflictions: A man can be seen with affliction symbols

Starfield afflictions can seriously hamper your playing experience if you don’t know what to do with them. Whether you’re playing the game on Xbox, PC, or even both via Game Pass, you’re going to want to mitigate these as much as possible to avoid any potential harm they’ll cause. But what are all the afflictions you can get, and how do you cure them?

These status effects come into play when you either injure yourself, ingest a strange substance, or find yourself over-exposed to elements of the various Starfield planets, just to name a few scenarios. While you might think that your character will just brush these off, that’s sadly not the case, potentially causing repercussions later down the line. Below, we’ll be listing all of the Starfield afflictions that you can come across in the game as well as how to cure these so you can get back to fighting fit. Note these are different from the Starfield addictions and how you can cure them.

Starfield afflictions and how to cure them

The list of Starfield afflictions are:

  • Brain Injury – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Burn – Cured with Heal Gel, Heal Paste
  • Concussion – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Contusion – Cured with Bandages, Zipper Bandages
  • Dislocated Limb – Cured with Immobilizer
  • Fractured Limb – Cured with Immobilizer
  • Fractured Skull – Cured with Immobilizer
  • Frostbite – Cured with Heal Gel, Heal Paste
  • Heatstroke – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Hernia – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Hypothermia – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Infection – Cured with Antibiotics
  • Laceration – Cured with Bandages, Zipper Bandages
  • Lung Damage – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Poisoning – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Puncture Wound – Cured with Bandages, Zipper Bandages
  • Radiation Poisoning – Cured with Injector, Snake Oil
  • Sprain – Cured with Immobilizer
  • Torn Muscle – Cured with Immobilizer

As you can see, there’s a whole host of different afflictions in Starfield that can really affect you, whether that’s if you’re in combat or simply roaming planets for resources. While we’ve showcased the items that you can cure each with next to their name, let’s break it down a little further.

Starfield Afflictions: Snake Oil can be seen

Brain Injury

Unlike real life, you won’t need surgery to heal a Brain Injury in Starfield. Just use an Injector or rub a little Snake Oil in and you’ll be as right as rain.


Burns, as you would expect, occur when you put yourself in some fiery situations, literally. Thankfully, they can be cured by a simple Heal Gel or Heal Paste which you may have already found a bunch of if you’ve done some exploring.


You’ll have likely got a Concussion in Starfield from being whacked around the head by a blunt weapon. This can be cured with either an Injector or Snake Oil.

Starfield Afflictions: Zipper Bandages can be seen


A Contusion, another direct blow Affliction, has a different cure. You’ll be using Bandages or Zipper Bandages for this one.

Dislocated Limb

A Dislocated Limb is never good and directly affects Carry Capacity. Get this one cured with an Immobilizer.

Fractured Limb

Similar to the above, a Fractured Limb shares the same fate in terms of effect and cure. Use an Immobilizer to remove any annoying status effects.

Fractured Skull

For a Fractured Skull, waste no time in healing by getting an Immobilizer on it to avoid any vulnerability to attacks.

Starfield Afflictions: Heal Gel can be seen


Frostbite can occur on the colder planets if you’re not equipped for it. Thankfully, Heal Gel or Heal Paste can come to the rescue here.

Heat Stroke

The opposite of Frostbite, Heat Stroke can be troublesome on hotter planets. You won’t be using Heal items and instead Injector and Snake Oil are your go-tos.


A Hernia can be crippling if you’re traversing planets. Get this one cured with an Injector or Snake Oil to get rid of its effects.


Instead of needing heat to get rid of Hypothermia, in Starfield you’ll need an Injector or Snake Oil.

Starfield Afflictions: Antibiotics can be seen


Just like in real life, if you get an Infection in Starfield, you’ll be able to get it cured with Antibiotics. A simple but effective solution.


A Laceration is a type of cut so it makes sense that Bandages or Zipper Bandages are the cure here.

Lung Damage

Lung Damage, while sounding pretty serious, has a simple cure. Use an Injector or Snake Oil to mitigate its effects.


While you might think it would have the opposite effect, Snake Oil can be used to cure a bout of Poisoning. An Injector also works but Snake Oil just sounds cooler.

Puncture Wound

Like other cut-based Afflictions, a Puncture Wound needs a simple Bandage or Zipper Bandage to be cured. Easy peasy.

Radiation Poisoning

You thought because you’re not playing Fallout, rads aren’t a thing? Unfortunately not. Radiation Poisoning is back but can be cured fast with an Injector or Snake Oil.


Sprains directly impact your carry weight, which is likely already an issue anyway if you’re a hoarder like me, so getting this one healed is a priority. Like similar muscle-based afflictions, it can be cured with a simple Immobilizer.

Torn Muscle

Last but not least we’ve got a Torn Muscle. Instead of waiting for it to heal like real life, get an Immobilizer going and you’ll be fine once more.

And there you have it, everything you need to know on Starfield Afflictions and their cures. It is a pretty extensive list, and if they keep stacking, you’ll find your progression severely hampered. But, just pick up any of the items listed or visit a doctor and you’ll be feeling healthy in no time. For additional help with other areas of Starfield, read our guides on the Starfield powers, the best Starfield weapons to use and the best Starfield builds for your character.

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