This fan-made Star Wars Mandalorian game is too good not to be real

We need a Star Wars Mandalorian game for Xbox, PC, and PS5 yesterday after seeing this fan-made mock-up of an open-world RPG based on The Mandalorian series.

Star Wars Mandalorian game fan-made screenshot: Mando from Fortnite

Despite month after month of light rumors that a Star Wars Mandalorian game is in the works somewhere in the world, we’re all still sat here shuffling our Sabaac cards waiting to see some hard evidence – or, really any real information at all – that one actually exists. However, that doesn’t mean one wouldn’t instantly become one of the most hotly anticipated upcoming Xbox games and upcoming PS5 games out there. In fact, this fan-made Mandalorian game concept is so good we can’t believe it isn’t real. We need to play it like yesterday.

In the wake of Ubisoft’s Star Wars game reveal (we really can’t wait for the Star Wars Outlaws release date to arrive, too), EA DICE’s UI technical artist and EU mental health lead Gavin Marshall (who goes by ‘GavMakesGames‘ on Twitter) has thrown together a series of mock-up screenshots of a fan-made Mandalorian game that we desperately wish was real.

Subtitled “Way of the Warrior”, Marshall has mocked-up a main menu for the game, a gear inventory screen, an example of what a photo-mode UI would look like, and even an in-game screenshot of a player discovering a new location. As you can see for yourself down below, everything about these made-up Mandalorian game screens is perfect. They’re packed with all the details you’d expect to see from one of the best open world games out there – or one of the best RPG games out there – and it’s proof that the world needs this game.

One of the most detail-rich images is the Character menu screen mock-up. This shows off some potential equippable Mandalorian helmets (with Kylo Ren’s mask and a Stormtrooper helmet making a cameo appearance) alongside icons representing Armor, Gloves, and Greaves. This mock-up also shows off a menu bar at the top of the screen showcasing everything you’d expect to see from a game life this, from Settings to Missions, to a currency counter and an XP indicator.

Sure, this isn’t the most unique menu design we’ve ever seen, but that’s what makes it so real. It’s not fanciful and extravagant, it’s simple and realistic.

Star Wars Mandalorian game fan-made: a menu screen from the fictional game

On top of this, Marshall has also mocked-up an in-game screenshot of the player discovering a new location: Zeronia. Here, we see an image of the player standing in the street of a fantastic planet that feels ripped straight from A Galaxy Far, Far Away. We get a good look at a full gameplay UI here, too. Again, it looks like everything you’d expect to see.

In the bottom left, we can see that the Mandalorian has two Bacta Cannisters to use, a flamethrower in his arsenal, and (eventually) the potential to call on an IG droid for combat support. We don’t know whether this is Taika Waititi’s IG-11 or not, but it could be depending on the timeline this fictional game is set in. Either way, it’s a fantastic showcase of what this game could look like.

As you can see below, we can also see the Mandalorian has his IB-94 Blaster Pistol to hand alongside his Amban Sniper Rifle and some Thermal Detonators. There’s also a weather indicator in the top right, which is a fun nod to the fantastic features this game could have.

Star Wars Mandalorian game fan-made: an image of the Mando character on an alien planet

In a later tweet, Marshall shared that he took advantage of Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance, Blender, Unreal Engine, and even Midjourney to throw these mock-up Mandalorian game screens together – with Midjourney seemingly used to create some background assets.

The talent on show is truly incredible and the game itself looks astounding. We know we can’t necessarily expect to see a Mandalorian game drop ahead of The Mandalorian Season 4 release date, and we’re not sure we’ll see one after that either. However, we would pay good money to play something that looks like this. Gamescom is right around the corner, though, not to get anyone’s hopes up. So, who knows? Only time will tell if a Mandalorian game ever comes to light. At least this mock-up proves how excellent it would look if it did.

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