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Sons of the Forest best weapons

Get an overview of the best Sons of the Forest weapons so you know what you should be using when trying to survive the canabalistic threats on the island.

Sons of the Forest Best Weapons: A person with an axe can be seen

If you hope to survive your stint on a remote cannibal- and mutant-infested island, the best Sons of the Forest weapons are the only way to achieve that goal. There are numerous weapons in this game, some of which are craftable and some of which you must simply find while wandering the game’s gigantic map. Some are helpful in a bind, while others are incredibly powerful in helping you slay the enemies eager to crush your bones.

If you’re up for some mutant-slaughtering action in the cavernous depths of a hell island home to numerous cannibal tribes, we have all the weapons you need to help you survive on the Sons of the Forest map. So, be sure to stock up as you are playing.

Sons of the Forest best weapons

The best weapons in Sons of the Forest are:

  • 1. Shotgun
  • 2. Pistol
  • 3. Katana
  • 4. Firefighter Axe

In Sons of the Forest, weapons have different levels of utility. You can get all types of weapons, including ones you’ll randomly find in the environment, some you can craft, and some in particular locations.

At a certain point, it won’t be feasible to keep using stone arrows and a handmade bow to take down the monsters in your environment. So, here are some of the best weapons you can find in the survival horror game.


The shotgun is, by far, the best weapon in Sons of the Forest, which is also why there’s a grind to try to find it. But, once you get this bad boy, your enemies don’t stand a chance. With the shotgun, you can kill almost any enemy with a single headshot, but you can always stick another slug in them just to be sure. However, it’s important to watch your ammo because you can only carry so much of it, and an empty shotgun is the last thing you need when hungry cannibals are descending upon you.

To find the shotgun, you’ll first need to find the shovel. And, to find the shovel, you’ll need the rebreather, an air tank, and the rope gun. You’ll find the rope gun in a cave near the crash site, the rebreather in a cave near the coast, and air tanks in various caves and bunkers throughout the island. Take these items to a cave near the mountains, and navigate your way through it to find a dead worker with a shovel. With the shovel, you can then dig up the shotgun, located at a gave marker at one of the points indicated on your GPS device.

Check out this guide from our friends at PCGamesN on the Sons of the Forest shotgun location to help you out.


Though not quite as effective as the Shotgun, the pistol is powerful — and much easier to find. Note that range is important with this weapon, as it will be more effective at a slightly closer range than feels normal for someone versed in FPS games. You’ll find the pistol in a dinghy off the coast of the island, and you can reference our Sons of the Forest pistol location walkthrough to figure out how to get it in your hands. This gun is easy to use, but like with the shotgun, use it sparingly, as every shot counts when ammo is a limited resource.


A powerful sword, the Katana slashes enemies at close range. And, with so much speed mixed with hack-and-slash potential, it’s no wonder it’s another hard-to-find item. It requires the maintenance keycard to access and is in a cave on the far side of the mountain range from where you begin.

The Katana isn’t the most outright powerful melee weapon in the game, but it’s effective due to its versatility. It’s among the fastest melee weapons, which means that even if it takes a few more swings to defeat opponents, you can move through those quickly. This makes it a solid, reliable bet for ordinary enemy encounters, though you may want to use something with more power for encounters with bigger cannibals and mutants that take more force to knock down.

Firefighter Axe

Although this is slow to swing, it’s the most powerful melee weapon in the game. This weapon also requires a shovel, so follow the guide above to obtain that before seeking out this one, which is also buried at a GPS marker location.

When using this weapon, timing is essential because while’s strong, you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable when winding up to swing. However, this baby will do loads of damage, so it’s worth seeking out to have on hand for Sons of the Forest endgame content.

Sons of the Forest weapon tips

Whether you’re fighting cannibals or mutants, there are some strategies to remember.

Aim for the head

When fighting enemies, always try to aim for the head. Headshots often knock enemies backwards and to the ground, making them easier to kill.

Collect your arrows

It’s much easier to collect your arrows than to constantly restock feathers and small rocks for stone arrows or find resin to 3D print more carbon fibre arrows. Take time to collect them after each interaction.

Conserve ammo

It’s a glorious feeling to get that pistol in your hands after days of roaming around an island, fighting cannibals with a bow and arrow and a spear. However, you must use your ammo wisely, as you only have so much.

Ranged weapons are best

Most mutants and cannibals can’t hurt you unless they get close enough to you. This makes weapons with range superior to others in most cases, though there can be exceptions. For example, weapons like the crafted club may be more challenging to use but can also protect you by allowing you to block. Along these lines, remember that you can throw your spear, and you can carry multiple spears with you.

If you’re still trying to survive in this wacky cannibal game, you’ll also want to see our Sons of the Forest building guide and our Sons of the Forest crafting recipes guide to help guide you through Endnight’s brilliantly twisted survival horror game. Happy hunting, as we hope these weapons give you a taste of what’s to come in the creepiest horror survival game you can find on PC.