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Sons of the Forest crafting recipes, how to craft, crafting tips

Sons of the Forest crafting recipes may not always be intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, it opens up a world of possibilities in the game.

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes: Multiple cannibals can be seen

Crafting is an essential component of a successful run in Sons of the Forest. If you’re looking to take on cannibals and mutants throughout the mysterious island, you’ll have to collect resources from the world around you and use them to create weapons and tools that can help you along your journey via Sons of the Forest crafting recipes.

Crafting here on PC works much differently than it does other best PS5 survival games and best Xbox survival games, which often require players to craft items at specific crafting stations. But for all its unique mechanics, crafting can help you get the elements you need to help protect your body, regenerate health, and slaughter frightening enemies with some of the best weapons in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest crafting recipes

Here are the Sons of the Forest crafting recipes:

  • Crafted spear: stick (2x), utility knife, duct tape
  • Crafted bow: stick (2x), rope, duct tape
  • Crafted club: stick, rope, skull
  • Stone arrow: small stone (x4), stick (x2), feather (x2)
  • Time bomb: C2 brick, watch, wire, duct tape, coins (5x), circuit board
  • Molotov: vodka bottle, cloth
  • Chainsaw: chainsaw, battery
  • Health mix: yarrow, aloe vera
  • Health mix+: aloe vera, horsetail, fireweed
  • Energy mix: chicory, arrowleaf
  • Energy mix+: chicory, devil’s club, fireweed
  • Canned food: canned food, can opener
  • Cat food: cat food, can opener
  • Torch: Stick, cloth
  • Flashlight: Flashlight, battery
  • Leaf armor: leaves (10x), cloth
  • Hide armor: hide (2x), cloth
  • Bone armor: bone (4x), rope, duct tape
  • Tech armor: Tech mesh, wire, circuit board, duct tape, batteries
  • Repair tool: stick, rope, stone
  • Zipline rope: 3D printed grappling hook, rope

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes: A bow can be seen

Sons of the Forest 3D Printer crafting items

In Sons of the Forest, players who explore the island will eventually encounter a 3D printer. Here, you can craft various items using 3D printer ink you find in the environment. The Sons of the Forest 3D Printer crafting items are:

  • Carbon fiber arrows: 50 resin for four
  • Flask: 150 resin
  • Mask: 100 resin
  • Grappling hook: 100 resin
  • Tech mesh: 250 resin (used in crafting tech armour)
  • Sled: 1000 resin

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes: The 3D Printer can be seen

Sons of the Forest crafting tips

Sons of the Forest grants access to an inventory screen, which defaults to an ‘I’ keypress. As you collect items throughout the game world, you’ll also begin to place items in your inventory. Players can collect all kinds of things, from basics such as sticks and rocks to random environmental finds like bottles and circuit boards.

In your inventory, these will all be represented visually across a large spread that takes over the entire screen, with an open space in the middle. You’ll make use of this space as you craft items. As you collect items in the environment, you can combine items to create weapons, armour, health mixes and other things to help you traverse the game world. However, some inventory items are not associated with crafting recipes, such as health meds, food items, grenades, weapons such as the slingshot, and more.

If you hold the ‘I’ button, you’ll have quick access to your axe and other items such as skulls (which you can place on structures), sticks, and more utility tools.

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes: A flask can be seen

Sons of the Forest How to craft items

Like its predecessor, The Forest, the Sons of the Forest crafting process is unique to the genre. Whenever a player picks up an item they haven’t yet had in their inventory, they’ll see a popup instructing them that new crafting recipes are available.

To craft items in Sons of the Forest, you need to pull up your entire inventory. You’ll then click on an item to place it in the centre of your inventory. Clicking on the gear menu tells you what additional items you need to complete the recipe. Click on those items, then click on the gear shift to combine them.

You’ll then have the option to equip or eat (in the case of crafted edible items), so either click it to do so or place it back in your inventory by right-clicking.

That’s everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest crafting recipes and crafting. For tips and tricks on surviving cannibal invasions, you’ll also want to check out our guides to the Sons of the Forest map size and our Sons of the Forest building guide.