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Sons Of The Forest map, map size, terrain features

How big is the Sons of the Forest map when playing on Steam, well here is everything we know about the map size and terrain in the long-awaited sequel.

Sons of the Forest Map: A player can be seen attacking a mutant

How big is the Sons of the Forest map? Several years have passed since Endnight first announced Sons of the Forest, the sequel to its critically-acclaimed hit The Forest. After years in development, we can revisit an island inhabited by cannibals, mutants, and other unknown threats. Endnight has given players plenty to be excited about when the game first launches in early access.

Whether you’re a veteran survivor of The Forest or you’re jumping into Sons of the Forest as a complete noob, there’s plenty you’ll want to know about the Sons of the Forest map, map size, and more. Here’s what we know.

What is the Sons of the Forest map size?

The Sons of the Forest map size is four times the size of the map in the original. It features a variety of buildings, items, and spawn points.

It is on a different land mass than in The Forest and features far more variety than what was offered in the first game.

Sons of the Forest Map Image: A map image of the Sons of the Forest map can be seen

A change in the map size and the game’s introduction of new types of mutants and creatures indicates that this island is different from the one players encountered in The Forest. This map also offers so much more for players to explore. Players can experience new features such as an overhauled Sons of the Forest building system, dynamic weather, and scarier, smarter cannibal and mutant forms. These updates are a gift to The Forest superfans, giving them more room to explore, build, and face terrifying enemies in the twisted take on the survival genre.

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Sons of the Forest map terrain features

With Sons of the Forest, Endnight’s development team has delivered more variety on the map. You can see not only forests but also snowy mountains and hills, as well as coastal areas.

In an interview with IGN, the development team suggested the new map would have greater environmental variation, not in terms of biomes, but specific terrains. That is indeed the case and the Sons of the Forest map has five times as many tree types and more diversity in vegetation and related resources. The team painstakingly designed these items to be hyper-detailed, allowing for an even more immersive experience than the first game.

Although the map is technically four times as large, the developers have said that surface area-wise, it’s much larger when including subterranean areas. There are caverns with flowing water, detailed stalagmites, and markings on cave walls. These materials also show some type of underground bunker, similar to the below-ground facilities in the original game, where players can find a 3D printer that they can use to make products they can’t necessarily find on the island.

In Sons of the Forest, Endnight also introduces changing seasons. With the changing seasons, players will notice that resources that may be abundant in spring and summer, such as berries or wildlife, will be harder to find when it’s cold and snowy. However, this doesn’t only apply to humans but also to the NPC enemies, which also will have more trouble surviving the cold weather period than they will in the warmer months. Ultimately, this means that when the weather is cold, players can more freely explore the terrain and face fewer combatants. But, they should also be wary that there may be more of a struggle for food or water because water sources may freeze over.

Sons of the Forest also has a GPS feature on a mobile device, making it easier to navigate the map and terrain than it was in The Forest.

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That’s our breakdown of the Sons of the Forest map, map size and more. If you’re looking forward to this survival horror shocker, be sure also to check out our guides on Sons of the Forest early access and Sons of the Forest multiplayer details.