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Sons of the Forest Pistol location, weapon stats, and more

If you want to be prepared for all the dangerous creatures lurking in the dark, it is key to look for the Sons of the Forest Pistol location, weapon stats.

Sons of the Forest Pistol Location: A pistol can be seen

Surviving in a place full of weird creatures, wild animals, and hungry cannibals is not easy, but with the right gun, you might have a chance. Because of that, knowing about the Sons of the Forest Pistol location and weapons stats may be helpful. While finding it is not that difficult, getting back alive from this mission is quite a challenge.

Different from the previous title, Sons of the Forest comes with more options in terms of firepower. Guns, such as a pistol, are powerful weapons that can take down basically any enemy. At the same time, you are short on ammunition and every bullet counts, making the pistol an “emergency-only” type of gun.

Sons of the Forest Pistol location

The pistol, in Sons of the Forest, is located in a dinghy close to the shore on the northwest side of the island. It’s quite simple to identify the location at the beginning of the game because it is one of the purple icons distant in the sea, marking a place where you will find a GPS locator.

There are no restrictions nor prerequisites to access the place where this gun is. All you need to do is to make your way up to the northwest side until you reach the shore. You are going to find a GPS locator, a book, a meal, and a flare together with the pistol.

Sons of the Forest Pistol Location: The signal pointing to the boat can be seen

Already from the beach, it is possible to spot the red dinghy. While it’s considerably far from the coast, there isn’t an easy way to reach it since there are no vehicles in the game. Your only option is to do it by swimming all the way there. You don’t need to worry if you have enough stamina to get there before drowning, because stamina is only used when pressing the button to run/swim faster.

There is, however, an imminent danger on your way to the dinghy: a shark. Because you are in the middle of the water, you can’t attack it, so your only option is to swim faster and try to get to the dinghy alive. Even after you are inside, the shark will keep swimming around you. Escaping is not easy, since you might run out of stamina before you get to a safe distance from the shark. So, in case you can’t run from it, the other option you have is to kill it using the pistol you just found.

Sons of the Forest Pistol Location: A person can be seen

Sons of the Forest pistol stats and effectiveness

As expected, the pistol is a quite strong weapon you have at your disposal in Sons of the Forest considering you are going to usually use spears made of sticks to kill enemies and hunt animals. It’s an automatic pistol with the capacity of holding 12 rounds before needing to reload, working quite well in medium and short ranges. You can aim with it whether you are holding it with both hands or single-handed.

Unlike other pieces of equipment, such as a lance or tactical axe, no stats are shown when the pistol is selected in your inventory. Even so, it’s possible to see how strong it is to deal with enemies depending on how many shots you need to take them down.

Sons of the Forest Pistol Location: The pistol in the inventory can be seen

With the pistol, medium-sized animals and regular cannibals take two shots to be killed, just like the shark. On the other hand, less dangerous creatures will take only one shot while different enemies, such as the cannibal with a golden mask, take more than five bullets to be defeated. It’s important to keep in mind that headshots are more effective but not as easy to hit as one may think.

Now, that’s all we got about Sons of the Forest Pistol location and weapon stats. But, if you are having trouble surviving from one day to the other, you should check our other Sons of the Forest guides like our Sons of the Forest water guide and Sons of the Forest map guide.