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Sons of the Forest water, how to craft a flask, how to drink

To keep yourself ready to fight weird creatures hiding behind trees or in dark caverns, you must keep yourself hydrated and look for Sons of the Forest water.

Sons of the Forest Water: The 3D printer can be seen

As if dealing with weird creatures and cannibals all around the place was not enough, in order to survive, players have to constantly look for Sons of the Forest water. After some time exploring your character will inevitably feel tired, hungry, and thirsty as well. Knowing not only how to find and drink water, but also how to craft a flask is fundamental to staying alive in Sons of the forest.

In survival games, while players may need to protect themselves from monsters or wild animals, there are other risks – more basic ones – to your life, such as the cold and starvation. Managing your food and water so you have enough while examining a new area is a key aspect of games such as Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest water explained

In Sons of the Forest, water is an important resource used to deal with dehydration. After finding yourself in a mysterious forest where the helicopter you were in crashed, your main goal is to stay alive.

While you walk around the place, learn how to communicate with Kevin, and chop down trees so you have enough wood to build a small cottage, you must pay attention to your body’s basic necessities. One of them is Hydration, represented by a drop of water symbol around the minimap.

As the day passes and you spend energy doing any type of activities, such as walking, hunting, or building, your Hydration level will decrease. Once it reaches a certain level, a phrase saying “You are thirsty” will appear and the water symbol will start blinking. Although not drinking water right when the alert appears is not a problem, staying dehydrated affects your stamina, and then after some days, you can also die. You can normalize your Hydration level by drinking water or eating some types of food.

Sons of the Forest Water: A water flask can be seen

Sons of the Forest how to craft a flask of water

To craft a flask of water in Sons of the Forest, you must use the 3D printer in the hidden laboratory you find at the green signal in the west as shown in the image below. Once you have a flask, you must equip it to fill it in any stream of drinkable water. And if you want to know how much water it has, all you need to do is select it in your inventory.

Now, although the lab’s location is marked on your map, the entrance is not easy to spot right off the bat. After arriving at the place where the signal is coming from, look around to find a small hole in the ground that takes you to an opening. Use it to enter one of the game’s caverns. You will find yourself in a dark corridor and if you keep forward there is a room with a computer and a 3D printer. To craft the flask, you must select it on the computer where there is also the option to print arrows, tech mesh, masks, grappling hooks, and sleds.

Sons of the Forest Water: a phone can be seen

Crafting a flask is extremely helpful considering how much time you spend exploring caverns and looking for items in abandoned camps in the middle of the woods. Depending on where you are on the map, there aren’t any sources of safe water to drink. So, to prevent situations where you have to stop exploring to find water, try to craft a flask of water as soon as possible.

Sons of the Forest how to drink water

In Sons of the Forest, you can drink water from lakes or streams. By staying in the shallow areas, a command icon will appear for you to drink from it. These are the same areas that you must look at if you want to fill your flask of water.

Sons of the Forest Water: a person can be seen drinking from a river

If you are having trouble finding a drinking spot, try to go far from the shore. In any case, streams and lakes are pretty visible from the GPS making it easy to find the closest one from your location.

That’s all you need to know about Sons of the Forest water as well as how you can craft a flask for you to increase your chances of surviving in this game. In case you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check our other guides on the game, including our Sons of the Forest map guide and Sons of the Forest multiplayer guide.