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All the Sonic Frontiers playable characters

Are you curious about if there are any additional Sonic Frontiers playable characters beyond the blue blur himself? This answer will have the answer you want

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic can be seen running on a highway

Are you playing Sonic Frontiers or about to jump in and wondering who you can play is and if you can jump into the shoes of Knuckles, Amy, Tails or someone else? After other games let you play as those characters, you may be expecting additional Sonic Frontiers playable characters beyond just the hedgehog himself.

This article will go over the cast of characters in Sonic Frontiers that you will meet as you progress through the length of the game and whether or not you can play them as you are exploring the open world. We will also touch on if any other characters are playable in the self-contained Cyberspace Levels.

Who are all the Sonic Frontiers playable characters?

Sonic Frontiers has only one playable character, Sonic himself. Although he can be powered up to Super Sonic when you find all seven Chaos Emeralds. You are not able to play as any of the other characters or side characters.

This does mean that you are stuck in the blue blur’s shoes for the entire length of the game, as you upgrade and unlock some of the best skills on offer. Sonic will also be the character who carries you through the game from the open-world boss battles to the story setpieces and exploration as you unlock new lands to explore. Big the Cat, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and others are not playable and just act as side characters you meet during the story progression of the game.

With the knowledge of which Sonic Frontiers playable characters are in the game, you get ready to hop into the latest adventure from the classic character. If you are looking for more open-world games to play, check out our guide on the best PS5 open-world games and the best Xbox open-world games.