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Skate’s new customization suite features a Skate 3 fav for max radness

Full Circle’s new Skate The Board Room episode promises only the best threads and customization, without the need to spend any cash.

Skate the board room episode 5: An image of two skaters in Skate on PS5 and Xbox.

It has been eight months since the last Skate The Board Room episode, but Full Circle is finally blessing us with a new update. This time, the focus is on all things cosmetic in Skate, as the studio reveals how PS5 and Xbox players can level up their drip. Alongside plenty of recognizable skating brands, there’s even a nod to a fan-favorite Skate 3 outfit.

Decking out your character with only the coolest threads is still pivotal to one of the best sports game franchises out there. In Skate, Full Circle says in a recent statement that the “goal is to hit the sweet spot between realism and stylization.” Familiar elements like altering your height, body shape, and facial features return, but it’s the way the developer will integrate real-life brands that has me intrigued. Skating pillars like Vans, Chocolate, Dime, and Girl are all heading to San Vansterdam – with a twist.

As Full Circle’s Skate reboot transitions the franchise to a fully multiplayer game experience, the studio teases that it will utilize its live-service format to collaborate with brands in exciting ways. Not only will this result in “fresh ways to engage” with the studio’s brand partners, but players can be part of the moment when more brands debut in-game. And if there’s one classic skating titan that deserves to be in Skate, it is definitely FLIP. Just let me acquire the timeless Team HKD deck, and I’ll be shuvin’ my way to skating nirvana.

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Speaking of heavenly skating experiences, Full Circle is throwing a bone back to Skate 3 (literally). Within the wide range of “tops, pants, headwear, eyewear, footwear, and even socks”, the studio confirms that the skeleton outfit will return in all its glory too. Despite having tons of cosmetics to choose from, the skeleton outfit became a cultural touchstone for Skate players, featuring in the original Skate 2 and Skate 3.

All of the above can be unlocked with both premium and in-game currency, but you don’t have to rely on the former all the time. “We’re committed to making sure your time spent in San Vansterdam always feels valued, and you’re able to earn great items whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not,” the studio adds.

If Skate can stick the landing as a live-service title, Full Circle could have something special on its hands. While I cut my teeth on some of the best games in the genre, like franchise opus Tony Hawk’s Underground, the Skate games unlocked something different for me. A ride around San Vanelona in Skate 2 is still a regular occurrence for me.

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With the right mix of capturing the Skate community’s comradery and DIY attitude, it’ll be worth dropping in for. Don’t forget to sign up for Skate console playtests, as you could be the next person selected to play it early.

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