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How many acts and chapters are in Scorn

Get an overview of how many acts and chapters Scorn has before you get stuck in to know how long you are going to be spending on each one

Scorn Chapters Acts: A large castle can be seen

How many acts and chapters are in Scorn? That is the question on your mind if you are hopping in through Scorn’s availability on Game Pass or after buying it. After all you want to know how much you are getting for your money. And, after playing the game for our Scorn review, we have a guide below as to how many acts and chapters Scorn has and how much time you will spend on each one.

How many acts and chapters are in Scorn?

Scorn has five acts and a total of seven chapters. Both act I and act II have two sub-chapters, bringing that total to 7. The act and chapter list is as follows, alongside how long they take for an average player:

  • Act I-I – 20-30 minutes
  • Act I-II – 15-20 minutes
  • Act II-I – 5 minutes
  • Act II-II – 40-55 minutes
  • Act III – 45-60 minutes
  • Act IV – 85-120 minutes
  • Act V – 120-150 minutes

So, as you can see, the game doesn’t have a whole lot of chapters and acts and they range quite wildly in size from close to multiple hours to just a handful of minutes. But, all of this should end up with a Scorn length of about 6-8 hours depending on your ability to get the puzzle solutions on your own.

If you are playing the game and looking for more help on top of how many chapters and acts are in Scorn, then look no further. We have a full Scorn walkthrough to take you through each of these sections, of the game and help you out with challenging brain-teaser puzzles or combat.