Everything to know about Scorn’s Game Pass release

Get an overview of everything you need to know about Scorn on Game Pass with this article which covers when you can play it and on what platforms

Scorn Game Pass: A large mural of a creature can be seen

Scorn on Game Pass is set to be one of the most horrifying and disgusting games of 2022. With a gross Giger-inspired world to explore, horrifying creatures, and tricky puzzles to solve, there is a lot for you to get your teeth stuck into. But, if you are keen to jump in on Game Pass you will want to know a lot more about its release. And, this article will help you out with that, touching on how to download the game, how long it will be on Game Pass and more!

Is Scorn on Game Pass?

Yes, Scorn will be available on Game Pass from October 14, 2022 at 3am PDT, 6am EDT, 11am BST, 12pm CEST. The game will be available across Console, PC, and Cloud.

However, the game is an Xbox Series X|S exclusive, not available on Xbox One. So, the only way you will be able to play the game on Xbox One through Game Pass is through the cloud. While this may not be the perfect way to play, the game isn’t too reliant on reactions so you should be able to play, even with some latency.

Scorn Game Pass: A large body with a womb that is red is shown

How long will Scorn be on Game Pass?

We don’t know how long Scorn will be available on Game Pass. But, based off other exclusivity windows or day-one releases from Microsoft, we can expect it to be available for about a year.

This is a guess on our part but we have seen most day-one releases stick around for 12 months. Therefore, Scorn will likely leave Xbox Game Pass in October 2023.

How to download Scorn on Game Pass?

To download Scorn on Game Pass, all you have to do is go to your Game Pass library on Xbox or PC and download it from there. This will mean you won’t have to buy the game and can play it, provided you are still subscribed to the service!

On Cloud, you just have to boot up the game in the same way, from the Game Pass library.

What are the Scorn Game Pass reviews saying?

So far a few Scorn Game Pass reviews have been released and are pretty positive about the game. NME describes the game as having “a beautiful world and alluring mystery”, while The Guardian calls it “an incredibly evocative work of art”.

You can check out the scores below:

Scorn Game Pass: The player can be seen shooting a creature

With all the details about Scorn’s Game Pass release, you can get ready to begin playing and experiencing the gross and disgusting world on offer. If you want some extra information about the unique, immersive experience, why not check out how long to beat Scorn, with our handy guide?