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Roller Champions crossplay: how it works on all platforms

Want to know how Roller Champions crossplay works? Here is how you can play with your friends in the game, no matter what platform they are on

Roller Champions Crossplay: Two skaters can be seen in an arena, one trying to grab the ball from the other.

Roller Champions is finally here and you can begin playing thanks to it being a free-to-play game. But, with everyone able to jump in, one question that remains is can you play with your friends on other platforms with Roller Champions crossplay?

Well, thankfully Ubisoft has made a big push into incorporating crossplay and cross progression thanks to Ubisoft Connect platform. This unifies all your games and save data onto one account which can then be accessed on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and more. Ubisoft are one of the major publishers committing to crossplay and cross-progression in a big way.

But, with a sudden free-to-play launch and the first season of content already kicking off with a battle pass, is Roller Champions crossplay a feature available at launch and can you bring your progression across platforms as well?

Roller Champions crossplay

Roller Champions does feature full crossplay across all platforms. On top of that the game has full cross-progression as well, meaning you can take your progress between Switch, PC, and your home console.

All you need to do is sign into the game with the same Ubisoft Connect account and all your progress will be carried over. When it comes to playing with friends on other platforms, all you need to do is add them on Ubisoft Connect and invite them through the game’s menu.

As with most Ubisoft games, crossplay set up and ensuring cross-progression is enabled is a relatively easy thing to get to grips with. You can also turn crossplay off if you don’t want to play with other players on different platforms.

That covers how Roller Champions crossplay works. For more on the game, be sure to checkout our thoughts in our Roller Champions review and a guide on the Roller Champions ranks.