Roller Champions ranked: Ranks, MMR, placements, and more

Rollerblade your way to the top in Roller Champions' ranked mode

When Roller Champions was first revealed to the world, it looked like a fun little party game that would be best enjoyed with a few pals several beers deep. However, after several glimpses of gameplay through trailers and betas, many were surprised to see that Roller Champions actually has all the hallmarks of a proper competitive title.

Not only is the team-based gameplay looking really enticing and actually quite complex for what is, on paper, going round in circles on rollerblades, but the game comes with its own fully-fledged ranked mode – something not even a behemoth game like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War could promise when it launched.

Roller Champions’ ranked mode has all the traits of a gripping and effective competitive gaming experience, and uses a ranking system not too dissimilar from the Valorant ranks or the League of Legends ranks. It has several tiers, each with subdivisions, that will match you with progressively harder opponents as you climb.

So, if you were worried that Roller Champions’ shelf life might be a tad short, we’re here to allay those fears. Here’s everything you need to know about its ranked mode if you’re planning on grinding it for the many months ahead.

How do I unlock ranked mode in Roller Champions?

According to an Ubisoft blog post, you can play ranked in Roller Champions as soon as you’ve amassed an all-time fan count of 2,000.

What are the Roller Champions ranks?

Roller Champions ranking system has an impressively long ladder for you to climb. There are seven different rank titles, ranging from Garage to Champion, and each have different numbers of subdivisions within them.

In total, there are 23 ranks in Roller Champions. The graphic below shows you the full breakdown.

The first three Roller Champions ranks, Garage, Local, and Intercity, each have five subdivisions. The next two ranks, Regional and National, each have three subdivisions. The two highest ranks, World and Champions, stand alone as single ranks with no subdivisions.

This will likely work similarly to the Apex Legends ranks, where all players could theoretically hit the penultimate rank of World, but the top rank of Champions will be fluid and be served for the top 1,000 players, for example, at any given time. This however, hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft just yet.

Roller Champions ranked placements

To determine which rank you should start off in, you’ll begin your ranked journey with ten placement matches. These ten matches will determine your skill value and the game will place you in the rank and subdivision that it deems fit.

A player skating on rollerblades in Roller Champions

Roller Champions MMR

The backbone behind any ranked mode is MMR, and Ubisoft has already explained how it works in Roller Champions.

Each player’s Roller Champions MMR is calculated by taking into account their “skill value” (how good at the game they are) and an “uncertainty factor” (how much data the game has and how sure it is about your skill level).

Your MMR will be viewable throughout your Roller Champions experience, so you’ll know how much your MMR changes between games. It will be shown as a four-digit number.

The amount of MMR you earn or lose will vary on the skill disparity between you and your opponents, and your uncertainty factor. New players with larger uncertainty factors will see bigger shifts in MMR, while experienced players with lots of game time will see smaller shifts.

MMR helps Ubisoft with matchmaking you with equally-skilled players.

Roller Champions ranked matchmaking

Matchmaking in ranked Roller Champions is determined by two factors: your MMR and your location.

This should helpfully result in games with equally-skilled Roller Champions players and a smooth playing experience with everyone on the same server.

Ubisoft also says that, as a result of feedback from Roller Champions’ closed beta, it will be putting measures in place to ensure new players will not be matched up with “top 100” players repeatedly, so that they get time to learn the game without getting trampled too much by seasoned rollerbladers.

The only exception to these matchmaking rules is in your ten placement games. Here, your MMR is not taken into account. For placements, you will be matched with players who have played a similar number of placements. If it’s your first placement match, it’s likely it’ll be your opponent’s first as well.

That’s everything we know about ranked mode so far, but as the Roller Champions release date nears, expect more details to be revealed by Ubisoft.

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