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How to increase your inventory space in Resident Evil 4 remake

Find out how to increase your inventory space for the Attaché Case in the Resident Evil 4 remake so you can hold more items, weapons, resources, and gear.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Increase Inventory Space: Leon can be seen

Are you wondering how to increase your inventory space in Resident Evil 4 remake? Unlike in previous remakes of the Resident Evil games, boosting your room in your Attaché Case works a little differently here, as it did in the original Resident Evil 4 in 2005.

But, for veterans, you will be familiar with how it works in the Resident Evil 4 remake. But, for newcomers, this article will brief you on where and when you can get upgrades for your case and how substantial the upgrades are. That way, you can properly prepare to make it through the full length of Resident Evil 4.

How to increase your inventory space in Resident Evil 4 remake

To increase your inventory space for the Attaché Case in the Resident Evil 4 remake you need to purchase space upgrades from the Merchant throughout the game.

Each individual Attaché Case storage upgrade costs more ptas., starting at 10,000, and boosts your inventory space by a couple of rows and columns. These upgrades appear in the ‘Buy’ section of the Merchant after a few Resident Evil 4 remake chapters, with the next one appearing in his shop after a few more chapters. So, you will be able to upgrade your storage pretty consistently.

To see what the upgrades look like in the menu, you can see the initial upgrade in the following video from ‘ZaFrostPet’:

YouTube Thumbnail

Upgrading your inventory will be vital as you take on the harder Resident Evil 4 difficulty levels as you will need to hold as many weapons, knives, and resources as possible. Additionally, the upgrades can be helpful to fit all of the best Resident Evil 4 remake weapons into your case, allowing you to use them in fights and against the Resident Evil remake bosses.

With the knowledge of how to upgrade your inventory in Resident Evil 4 remake, you can fully prepare yourself for some of the tougher fights in the game. For additional tips on those fights, check out our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough which is filled with tips and useful information.