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Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty levels

This article offers an overview of the four different tiers of challenge that await you and what you can expect from them when you play.

Resident Evil 4 Difficulty Levels: Leon and Ashley can be seen

The various Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty levels will drastically affect your gameplay experience, removing entire mechanics or altering the game’s economy. In addition, you can expect tougher enemies, more challenging encounters, and a lot of other changes if you up the difficulty.

In this article, we will run through the Resident Evil 4 difficulty modes and exactly who each one is for and what changes are implemented when you switch between them. This will allow you to get familiar with the game before moving over to your Resident Evil 4 new game plus playthrough.

Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty levels

  • Assisted – For players who are unfamiliar with action games
  • Standard – For players who have not played Resident Evil 4 (2005)
  • Hardcore – For players who have played Resident Evil 4
  • Professional – For steadfast fans of survival horror

Each of these modes offers a unique gameplay experience tailed to how you want to experience the game. You can find a more in-depth overview of each one below:

Resident Evil 4 Difficulty Levels: Leon and Ashley can be seen


Assisted mode is for beginners and has a lot of tweaks to help them out. These include aim assist and more ammo being crafted when you do create it with Gunpowder. Additionally, you will recover health automatically when extremely low and items at the Merchant are at a lower price.

Resident Evil 4 Difficulty Levels: Ashley can be seen


Standard is the baseline difficulty of the game, which all other difficulty levels are modified around. In this mode you can also lower it to Assisted upon death if you are finding it too difficult.

Resident Evil 4 Difficulty Levels: Luis can be seen


Hardcore is a tougher version of the combat experience with stronger enemies and harder challenges. Items can also cost more in certain situations.

Resident Evil 4 Difficulty Levels: Leon can be seen holding a shotgun


Professional is only unlocked after you have beaten the game and is the ultra-hard version of the game. In this mode, you don’t have any autosave and all the changes in Hardcore mode are applied. Additionally, you cannot parry unless you perform a perfect parry. However, to help you out, all weapon modifications are unlocked from the start of the game.

Now you know about the Resident Evil 4 difficulty levels and how they affect the gameplay you can begin tackling additional puzzles and tasks in our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough. You can also get to know the various Resident Evil 4 characters you will meet on your journey.