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Resident Evil 4 remake length - how long to beat

There are so many horrors waiting for you in this remake, you may be wanting to know the Resident Evil 4 length so you can get to the end quickly.

Resident Evil 4 length: Ashley looking to the left in Resident Evil 4

Scary games are usually quick to end, but the Resident Evil 4 length is nothing to take lightly. Considering that most games in the Resident Evil series task players with completing them quickly in future runs, the horrors of this iconic classic will have you screaming for hours on end.

Returning to the world of Resident Evil 4, remade for the latest generation, is an exciting time for both newcomers and classic fans. While there are plenty of Resident Evil 4 characters to meet, or meet again, you’re probably wondering how much time you’ll be spending in rural Spain.

Resident Evil 4 length

Resident Evil 4 remake is around 16-20 hours for an average playthrough, with completionist runs taking roughly 28-35 hours.

This is based on our experience during our Resident Evil 4 review, which gave us plenty of hours to spend with Leon in this terrifying experience.

Most of the Resident Evil games can be completed in around ten hours, but the original Resident Evil 4 takes around 16 hours to roll credits in a normal playthrough. A number of sections of the game have been expanded upon or shifted around in this remake, to a greater degree than what we saw in the last two remakes from Capcom. The last act of the game has also been tightened up and is no longer as much of a chore to get through. But, the runtime still ends up at about the same with those tweaks and expanded areas.

That’s the Resident Evil 4 length for those hoping to dig their teeth into this long-awaited remake. If you’re hoping to save some money, you may be wondering if Resident Evil 4 is on Game Pass as part of your subscription. You can also see even more horror games you should play, on top of the Resident Evil 4 remake with our best PS5 horror games and best Xbox horror games.