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Odd Remnant 2 puzzle will test your patience much more than your skill

Remnant 2 players looking to unlock a rare weapon might be shocked to learn that one puzzle will take you at least 90 minutes to complete on Xbox and PS5.

Remnant 2 unlock Meridian 90 minute puzzle: an image of a gunslinger in space

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best Remnant 2 weapons and you like a bit of a challenge, then you’re in luck. Avid explorers and dedicated dungeoneers have found a puzzle in Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 that will take you 90 minutes to complete – real time. That’s right, there’s a 90-minute Remnant 2 puzzle for you to complete. Whether you’re taking advantage of the best Remnant 2 class or not, this is one of those rare cases where you’re going to find your patience tested much more than your skill.

Highlighted online by ‘Deiser‘, there’s a puzzle in the Lomsomn sewers that will take you a full hour and a half to finish; doing so will net you the Meridian weapon, so it’s well worth your time. If you can get your hands on any one of the best Remnant 2 weapon mods, you’re certainly looking at a firearm worth finding.

As they explain, “in Tiller’s Rest, there is a series of platforms near the end of the sewers with electric slimes on the far, inaccessable walls. Once you kill them, you’ll notice a slime clogging a pipe. Killing that slime will allow water to pour into the room”.

Can you see where this one is going yet?

Found a weapon that you can only get by waiting literally 90 minutes in real time.
by u/Deiser in remnantgame

When you kill this slime and unclog the pipe, allowing the water to flow, the room itself will start to fill with the water. Well, we’re assuming it’s water – you are in a sewer, after all. This room will take 90 real-world minutes to fill, which will raise the floating planks of wood to the right level for you to make it across the room and find the Meridian weapon on a corpse.

Now, we know that sounds like a rather long wait, but you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t actually need to sit there and wait for a full hours and a half. You can actually run off and continue playing, once you’ve started the process and activated the puzzle by unclogging the pipe. In fact, you can even die; the puzzle should continue to progress. All you need to do is remember to check back after 90 minutes to get your hands on the weapon.

We don’t know about you, but it sounds like more than enough time to check you’re using the best Remnant 2 mutators and the best Remnant 2 amulets. They might not seem important, but having the best ones you can unlock equipped will pay dividends when any one of the harder bosses rolls around.

Remnant 2 unlock Meridian 90-minute puzzle: the location of the task

Sure, this is a bit of a weird one, but it’s just another small detail in a long list of things that make Remnant 2 one of the best co-op games out there right now. It’s also worth knowing that at least five secret classes have been found already – and the game’s only just come out. Who knows how many more weird and wonderful secrets hiding in Gunfire Games’ shooter.