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How to beat Sha’hala in Remnant 2

This guide will take you through tips and what to do to beat Sha'hala in Remnant 2 while you are exploring the alien world of N'erud.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: Sha'hala can be seen

Do you want to know how to beat Sha’hala in Remnant 2? The Spectral Guardian of N’erud is a potential world boss in this zone and one of the most formidable. This Remnant 2 Sha’hala boss guide discusses the normal and alternate kill methods, as well as its abilities and rewards. It’s also important to note that defeating Sha’hala will make the N’erud zone inaccessible. The only difference is how fast this incident happens.

The fight on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC is a tough one and you will need the best Remnant 2 class or one of the best Remnant 2 Traits equipped and unlocked to be able to kill it quickly. This one particular enemy is one to watch out for and the tips below come from our Remnant 2 review.

How to beat Sha’hala in Remnant 2

To beat Sha’hala in Remnant 2 you need to:

  • Avoid the purple attacks – various purple lasers and orbs will fire at you from time to time and you need to dodge them
  • Dodge its grasp – Sha’hala’s hands will emerge from the floor to hit you. Moreover, its vortex effects will pull you and cause damage.
  • Shoot its back – the boss’ weak spot is the singularity or black hole.

There are two ways to beat the Remnant 2 Sha’hala boss. We’ll focus on the normal method first, followed by the alternate kill method, which happens to lead to a drastic outcome.

Please note that dynamic campaign progression does apply. If your path leads you to the Sha’hala boss, then your first visit to N’erud involves meeting a robot eye, followed by the custodian NPC telling you that he still needs access to the Core.

You’ll then need to look for three Seeker’s Keys by exploring areas and dungeons with an exclamation point (this denotes that they’re related to the main objective). Eventually, you’ll use the Seeker’s Keys to enter the Threshold of the Unknown, and the Sentinel’s Keep where the Sha’hala awaits.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: A character can be seen

The straight-up kill method to beat Sha’hala involves pulling the control panel lever in Sentinel’s Keep. This will cause the Sha’hala to emerge from its pod. It has the following abilities that you need to watch out for:

  • Purple Lasers – Horizontal and vertical beams will appear in the arena. These can be dodged.
  • Purple Orbs – Floating orbs will appear above you. These will fire projectiles from time to time.
  • Electro Shock – Once you see green sparks emanating from the boss, it’s time to dodge an incoming shock blast.
  • Shadow Orbs – Move away from small black circles on the ground, as these will cause damage.
  • Dark Grasp – The Sha’hala’s hands will emerge from the ground. Roll away to avoid the hit.
  • Singularity – After a couple of its hands emerge, it follows up with a vortex that will pull you in, constantly dealing damage if you’re within its radius.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: The player can be seen fighting the boss

Beating the Remnant 2 Sha’hala boss with this method nets you the Eidolon Shard. This lets you craft the Spectral Blade:

  • Damage: 53
  • Critical hit chance: 8%
  • Weak spot damage: 105%
  • Stagger modifier: -25%
  • Mod: Whirlwind – Performing a charged melee attack during a backdash creates a Whirlwind of slashes, striking all nearby enemies.

Since you helped out the Custodian with this task, return to him to receive the Embrace of Sha’hala. This grants you a 5% damage reduction for each negative status effect or blight that you’re suffering from. The effect itself stacks up to four times. We think that it’s a bit tricky to use, especially since having a lot of afflictions will likely mean that your character’s close to dying anyway.

Defeating Sha’hala normally means that the Custodian will be able to pilot the ship to the Alepsis Taura black hole. After 12 hours in real-time, the rest of the zone, save for Alepsis Taura, will become inaccessible, since it means that the ship has reached its destination. As such, we advise you to hold off before beating the boss, or you’d have no choice but to explore other areas within 12 hours.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: Ava can be seen

How to defeat Sha’hala in Remnant 2 with the alternate kill method

The alternate kill method for the Remnant 2 Sha’hala boss requires a quest item called the Override Pin. This can be found in the Timeless Horizon area in N’erud.

The boss’ abilities will change from the normal variant. Moreover, it leads to an extremely drastic outcome. We do not recommend killing the boss using this method until you’ve explored the entirety of the N’erud zone.

Upon reaching the Timeless Horizon via the Putrid Domain, you’ll want to travel along the edge of the map until you arrive at Terminus Station to get the quest item. From there, look for a nearby facility with several rooms, including one that has a Simulacrum. One of the rooms happens to have an elevator, which leads you to a couple of hallways.

Eventually, you’ll reach what seems to be a dead end. However, if you look to the side, you’ll see a sloping path that leads back down. There, you can pick up the Override Pin.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: The player can be seen looking at something

To start the Remnant 2 alternate Sha’hala boss encounter, you’ll need to put the Override Pin in the diamond-shaped slot in the control panel. The boss will be tougher this time around, as it has far deadlier abilities such as:

  • Red Lasers – The red lasers are more erratic, appearing in criss-cross patterns, while also doing sweeping motions along the floor.
  • Homing Orbs – The orbs will shoot a dozen or so projectiles, often in a cascading arc as they home in toward you.
  • Snowflake Shatter – Multiple ice crystals will appear in mid-air, which will then fly toward you.
  • Punch and Kick – If the boss rears up, it’s preparing to strike with its fists and feet.
  • Black Hole Flame – The orb will float in mid-air while shooting out fiery beams.
  • Singularity – It will still drop the orb on the ground, which will slowly pull you in.
  • Inferno – A fiery laser will be cast, which will then travel slowly along the ground, all while you’re being pulled in by the Singularity. You’ll need to continuously roll to avoid taking damage.

The Sha’hala’s projectiles are more numerous and erratic, almost turning this bout into a bullet hell encounter. Its weak spot is still the black hole. However, this time, it’ll attempt to shield it with its hands. Try to burst it down whenever you have a clear shot.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: The player can be seen fighting Sha'hala

For your efforts, you’ll receive the Void Cinder material. It’s used to craft the Aphelion, which has the following nifty effects:

  • Damage: 62
  • RPS: 2
  • Magazine: 7
  • Normal shot: Fires a crescent-shaped beam.
  • Mod: Supernova – Shoots an orb of condensed heat, with an explosion that causes fire damage, and additional burning damage over 10 seconds to all targets within a small area. Shooting the Supernova orb with the crescent beam increases its radius and damage, while also triggering a shockwave with massive AoE.

Needless to say, the Aphelion is a rather cool firearm and one of the best weapons in Remnant 2 the game. Unfortunately, getting it also means experiencing a terrible outcome (if you’re a completionist).

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: Aphelion can be seen

If you use the Override Pin and complete the Sha’hala alternate kill method, the entire planet of N’erud will blow up instantly. You will not be able to explore any other zone at all. As such, it’s better to wait until you’ve discovered everything in N’erud before trying the alternate kill method.

Remnant 2 Sha'hala: The map can be seen

There’s really nothing you can do since N’erud will become inaccessible no matter what. There is, however, one silver lining, assuming you beat the Remnant 2 Sha’hala boss normally. After 12 hours have passed in real-time, you’ll see that there’s one additional area that you can fast travel to in N’erud: it’s none other than Alepsis Taura.

From this area at the edge of space, you’ll be able to pick up the Void Heart Relic. When used, it reduces all incoming damage by 50% for four seconds. When the effect ends, all of your missing health will be replenished swiftly. The Void Heart Relic is also an important item, as it lets you unlock the hidden Remnant 2 Archon class.

With a guide on how to beat Sha’hala in Remnant 2, you can now move on and continue fighting other bosses. We have guides on them including our Remnant 2 Corrupted Ravager guide, Remnant 2 Legion guide, and Remnant 2 Annihilation guide. You can also find more guides and tips in our Remnant 2 walkthrough article.