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How to beat Legion in Remnant 2

If you’re finding this boss fight difficult, here’s how to beat Legion in Remnant 2 with our guide for the latest PS5, Xbox, and PC soulslike.

How to beat Legion in Remnant 2: Legion from Remnant 2 in front of a blueprint background

This creepy and strange boss can be quite a challenge when you first face it during your playthrough, but finding out how to beat Legion in Remnant 2 with our guide is the key to success. Or, plenty of dying and learning works too when taking on the Remnant 2 Legion fight.

No matter if you chose Remnant 2’s best class or if you’re loaded up with the best guns in Remnant 2, as long as you know how to handle it, Legion can be a breeze. At least it was for us during our Remnant 2 review playthrough (we won’t tell you how many times we died to it).

How to beat Legion in Remnant 2

To beat Legion in Remnant 2 you need to:

  • Watch out for the shockwave – this is a sign that Legion is resurrecting enemies, but it also deals quite a bit of damage. You can roll to dodge it.
  • Shoot the circle – the creature sitting on the throne won’t be affected by your shots, you’ll need to shoot the weird floating circle.
  • Only use bullets when it’s glowing – while it can cause the Madness effect while glowing, the only way to deal decent damage is by attacking when it’s glowing
  • Keep an eye on enemies – enemies will spawn frequently during the boss fight, and they can deal a lot of damage if left undealt with

The biggest issue with Legion is its shockwave attack. Not only does this signal that Legion is spawning in a few enemies to come to kill you, but it can also do a hefty amount of damage if you’re caught unaware. Fortunately, you can roll during it like any other attack, saving you some health. It’s worth noting that it can also go through walls, so no hiding around corners.

How to beat Legion in Remnant 2: Legion glowing during boss fight in Remnant 2

It’s also worth making sure that you know to shoot only when Legion is glowing. If it’s not glowing, your bullets will do minimal, if any, damage. You just need to make sure the Madness affliction doesn’t fill up too high, or you’ll take damage every second that could cause you to be in a bad position. That means shooting the strange circle, not the creature sitting on the throne.

Finally, keep an eye on the various enemies that appear. While Legion can deal a decent amount of damage on its own, getting swarmed by enemies that you can’t handle, along with frequent shockwaves is almost certain to doom for you. We had a lot of luck dealing with the enemies quickly, then focusing on Legion before the next shockwave arrives.

That’s how to defeat Legion in Remnant 2. Fortunately for you, we’ve got our Remnant 2 walkthrough which is filled with guides such as Remnant 2’s best mutators or how to respec in Remnant 2 if you’re still finding this boss fight difficult.