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Is Redfall on Xbox One?

Find out if Redfall is on Xbox One and whether or not you can play on the last generation console or if you have to make the upgrade to play Arkane's latest.

Redfall Xbox One: Layla can be seen

Redfall is finally here and you may be wondering if you can there is a Redfall Xbox One release. Microsoft has been releasing a number of its games on last-generation consoles in recent years, including Minecraft Legends in April 2023, but is Redfall the same?

Below you can find out what platforms the co-op shooter is coming to and whether or not there is a way to play the game on Xbox One natively or via Game Pass. Be sure to suit up to take down some vampires with the variety of Redfall weapons on offer throughout the Redfall map.

Is Redfall on Xbox One?

Redfall is not available on Xbox One. It is a current-gen-only game, however, you can play it on your Xbox One via the Cloud, provided you have a Game Pass subscription.

This is one of Microsoft’s first Xbox Series X|S exclusive games and comes alongside Starfield which is set to launch later this year, in addition to Forza Motorsport. It’s unlikely the game will also ever release on Xbox One, so you will have to play via the Cloud or just wait until you can get yourself an Xbox Series X|S.

So there you have it, the latest on the Redfall coming to Xbox One. If you are going to make the upgrade or play via the Cloud, then take a look at our Redfall vampires and Redfall characters guide to get you started.