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Red Dead Redemption remaster could suffer same fate as GTA DE trilogy

The existence of an alleged Red Dead Redemption remaster grows as the game's achievements get a surprise update, but one element from Rockstar Games is unclear.

Red Dead Redemption remaster rumors rockstar games

While Rockstar Games celebrates a decade of GTA 5 this year, players are still in love with Red Dead Redemption 13 years later – one of the best games ever made. Now, as rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remaster stir amid a surprise update to the game’s achievements, there is still one important element left unclear by developer Rockstar Games about one of the best open world games around.

Following previous reports of the Red Dead Redemption age rating receiving a new classification via the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, further evidence of rumblings behind the scenes appear courtesy of GTA Forums. Users such as known Rockstar Games enthusiast ‘videotech_’ claims that the “main takeaways are that all [the] RDR1 achievements received higher resolution variants. However, all base RDR1 achievements got a slightly changed design scheme.”

Videotech_ details that the game’s achievements now have “darker borders and there are more red blemishes on the images, which are generally less ‘perfect’ in shape.” Admin ‘Spider-Vice‘ adds, “the weird part is [that] I can’t get a timeframe on [them].”

We went to investigate the Rockstar Games Social Club page for the game, as pictured below, but it returned a blank page. Spider-Vice purports “it could have been doing this for at least a year.” The admin collates all the updated achievement images here, so you can make your own comparisons.

Red Dead Redemption Rockstar Games Social Club

Though other Social Club pages have experience similar outages, Spider-Vice also claims the updates may lead to “an achievements page like the [Grand Theft Auto] Definitive Editions.” But aside from the purpose of remaking the game’s achievements, it still remains unclear as to exactly which studio is handling a potential remaster, should it come to fruition.

Rockstar Games news tracker ‘TezFun‘ claims via their sources that “remasters of GTA 4 & RDR1 were on the table a few years ago, but Rockstar chose not to proceed with the projects in mind”, citing the “poor” reception to the GTA Definitive Edition trilogy. Whether you jumped into the new versions of Vice City or San Andreas upon the trilogy’s launch, a myriad of issues, ranging from bizarre AI upscaling errors to intense rain effects that plagued the experience.

If the cancelation of these remasters was off the back of DE trilogy, it can be assumed that Grove Street Games would have handled the release of a GTA 4 or Red Dead Redemption remaster.

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However, with most of the studio’s experience lying within mobile ports of Rockstar properties, we’re not sure whether this could be the case. Grove Street Games is currently assisting development on Ark 2, after bringing Ark Ultimate Survivor Edition to Nintendo Switch. Revisiting Red Dead Redemption with a fresh coat of paint certainly seems appealing, but recreating such an iconic experience is no easy feat.

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