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Rainbow Six Siege’s frag issue could be solved with this simple change

Rainbow Six Siege can often turn into a grenade bonanza, but with an easy change for some of the game's attackers, frag grenade spam could be left behind.

Operator with shotgun in Rainbow Six Siege

Overpowering your opponents in Rainbow Six Siege is all fun and games until your squad is blasted into next year with a grenade barrage. Even if you’re well equipped to protect the hostage, what else can you do to avoid an explosive demise? Rainbox Six Siege community members are wondering the same. With a slight tweak to the game’s operator selection, frag grenade problems could be a thing of the past.

Rainbow Six Siege has changed exponentially over the years. Legendary WWE wrestler The Undertaker is headed to the game. Popular operators such as Lana are shaking up the meta. And of course, we’re all trying to navigate Rainbox Six Siege ranks and ranked 2.0. However, despite all the updates Ubisoft has implemented, some things remain the same.

Choosing the right operator in Siege is crucial, but one element makes four of the game’s attackers an appealing option: frag grenades. Cooking up those cast iron charges of doom is enough to strike fear into the heart of any seasoned Siege player. Especially when grenade spamming can be an issue in heated moments. After some deliberation, Redditor ‘inspektor71‘ explains that they’ve concocted a solution.

A simple solution to Siege’s "frag grenade problem" from Rainbow6

“I don’t think there’s any argument that frag grenades are very strong in Siege, even after the damage radius nerf. Because they’re so strong, Ubisoft keeps taking them away from more and more operators,” claims the Siege player. Despite the aforementioned nerf, the player expresses that options are becoming limited for players favouring grenade usage: “Currently only four attackers have frag grenades as an option, which is far too low.”

Siege players will know only the Recruit, Sledge, Glaz, Nokk, and Iana can access them, but the Redditor feels this selection could be expanded. By allowing more choice when it comes to grenade-packing operators, the Siege player suggests that making grenades “essentially useless” would be a place to start. Additionally, by reducing the “capacity from two to one”, frag grenade spam could be drastically reduced.

It’s an interesting concept, but whether it would work in practice, is another matter. There could be a wider variety of operators in matchmaking if players are enticed to move away from the appeal of attackers like Sledge or Nokk. With over 30 operators in Rainbow Six Siege, the opportunity is waiting.

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