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Potential new PS5 update could make replaying games super easy

Replaying your favorite moments from the best PS5 games could become simpler, as a new PS5 update could implement a recent Sony patent.

PS5 update november 2023

Some moments in PS5 games just stick with you forever, and you’ll often want to revisit them first-hand. We’re already feeling that way with PS5 titles like Spider-Man 2, but jumping back into specific points of any game could be about to get very easy. A new PS5 update could make use of a recent Sony patent that aims to implement a tool for cherry-picking the best moments in games.

Whether you’re playing the best PS5 games or new PS5 games like Modern Warfare 3 or Spider-Man 2, some story moments are worth another look. Yes, even in Modern Warfare 3. In a new Sony patent entitled “Content Streaming With Game Launch”, the gaming tech giant details that it is developing “a system and method for launching gameplay from streaming content […] such media content may have at least one or more trigger points, and each trigger point may be associated with a set of game data specific to a gameplay scene within an interactive title.”

Presently, the PS5 Game Launch feature allows players to resume activities in-game, often loading up their recent game save, rather than selecting specific missions or blockbuster moments. It sounds like Sony wants to allow players to dive straight into highly specific points, whether that is something like Spider-Man acquiring the Symbiote for example. Furthermore, it appears that this patent could make use of the new PS5 cloud streaming service in some form.

sony patent replay ps5 games new update

“The media content may be streamed to a user device over a communication network. A selection of one of the at least one or more trigger points may be received over the communication network from the user device,” the patent explains. Whether this patent would use a player’s local save file is unknown. Speculatively, it also sounds like the concept will account for where a player is in their game progress wise, rather than letting them skip ahead.

Additionally, Sony details that “the selected trigger point may be identified and the interactive title for gameplay may be launched by the user device based on the identified set of game data associated with the selected trigger point.” While it might be a handy feature in concept, it is a shame that the PlayStation Portal’s lack of cloud streaming functionality might not be able to harness this potential feature. Jumping into excellent moments on a handheld sounds ideal for bite-sized sessions, especially if you don’t feel like getting settled in your gaming setup for the evening.

The patent was published recently on November 2, 2023, and was invented by Alexander Jarzebinski. It isn’t the first time Sony has filed it, either. According to Jarzebinski’s records on Justia, a patent database, this particular patent was also filed back in July alongside several other PlayStation based concepts. However, it appears to have been in development for quite some time, as it was originally filed back December 2021.

PS5 update streaming sony patent replay games

With the PS5 Slim model entering the market for the holiday season, more players are getting access to all the free PS Plus games currently available. That means will be plenty of unforgettable moments to revisit, but you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way until this patent becomes a reality.