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Marvel PS5 game discounts drop in time for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

With Guardians of the Galaxy 3 hitting cinema screens, nab some discounted Marvel games on PS4 and PS5, including the Guardians of the Galaxy game itself.

Guardians of the Galaxy game on the PlayStation Store sale

Star-Lord and his merry band of galactic buddies are setting a course toward new worlds in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but while it’s fun to get an MCU fix on the big screen, nothing compares to diving into our favourite Marvel games on PS4 and PS5. The latest batch of PlayStation Store deals are a treat for superhero fans, and they include the actual Guardians of the Galaxy game itself.

That’s right, if you’ve not had the chance to explore Square Enix’s take on the Guardians of the Galaxy, then now is the best chance to see just exactly what shooting up alien baddies alongside Rocket Racoon feels like. The recently updated May Savings deals contain a few great Marvel games to get stuck into, so here’s what you can consider purchasing for your game library:

The best part is that there is still some time to get hold of these discounts, as the current offers on Marvel games will end on May 10, 202, at 23:59 AM BST and May 11, 2023, at 19:00 PM ET / 16:00 PM PT.

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You may be wondering whether our favourite webhead has any tasty discounts to snap up, and while you can’t get a decent deal on Marvel’s Spider-Man directly from PS Plus, there are some awesome prices to view via Amazon.

The first Spidey adventure from developer Insomniac Games is currently retailing for £23.94, making it an absolute bargain as you’ll be able to get a Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 upgrade alongside it in the weeks to come.


If you’re based in the United States, then you’ll be getting an arguably better bargain, as Marvel’s Spider-Man GOTY Edition is enjoying a decent cutback too. They’ll certainly keep you busy as we approach Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date.

As one of many upcoming PS5 games set for this year and beyond, there will be loads of Marvel fun to be had once the credits of the latest Guardians movie have rolled.