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PS Plus avoids Mafia 2 by gifting PS5 players this 2016 game again

PS Plus is making a bizarre choice in some regions, as the November PS Plus games for select players includes a 2016 that was free before.

PS Plus 2023 November Games Tropico 5 Mafia 2

We like free PS Plus games, you like them too, especially if they’re new PS Plus games. But new can mean a lot of things, whether it is a fresh addition for PS5 players on the popular subscription service, or if it is a brand-new 2023 release. In the case of some PlayStation Plus users, you might be one of many that are noticing November’s selection includes a game you’ve likely already claimed. Or in some instances, only 2 games are available to download.

Disgruntled PS Plus members are discussing the latest selection of free PS Plus games, as we’ve come to expect only the best PS5 games to be included with each drop. Well, following a mixed reception to Mafia 2 joining the PS Plus library, Redditor ‘kabirsingh784’ points out that “users in the Middle East region get Tropico 5 instead of Mafia 2.”

Tropico 5, while an absolute treat for players who management simulation titles, might not exactly be one of the best games to download if you were hoping for something more action-packed in November. The game, which developed by Haemimont Games, originally joined PS Plus in May 2016, following an announcement in April of the same year. It was accompanied by Table Top Racing World Tour. However, despite the absence of Mafia 2, November’s other titles remain intact.

PS Plus users in the Middle East region get Tropico 5 instead of Mafia 2. Tropico 5 was already a PS Plus monthly game in May 2016 in all regions. This must be the first time they are repeating a game selection in Essential tier.
byu/kabirsingh84 inPlayStationPlus

While clarification from Sony is yet to appear to emerge, it is likely that the content of Mafia 2 is deemed inappropriate for specific regions, therefore leading to a replacement in the form of Tropico 5. The Mafia games often delve into outdated societal concepts, while exploring particularly nasty violence. Gore is certainly the case for The Callisto Protocol, which wasn’t included in a previous PS Plus drop earlier this year, as the game is unable to pass Japan’s rating certifications.

Elsewhere, instead of gaining Tropico 5 in Mafia 2’s place, other players are reporting that only 2 games are available to download to their PS4 or PS5. “PS Plus Indian users are only getting 2 games instead of 3. Dragonball Breakers is not available in India,” says ‘Puzzleheaded-Egg7583’. This could be a similar situation, but rather than offer up an alternative title, PS Plus members in India are unable to claim a different game.

Farming Simulator 22, as pictured below, was included in October’s PS Plus Extra and Premium games update, alongside Weird West.

PS Plus Indian users are only getting 2 games instead of 3. Dragon ball breakers are not available in India . They are not even giving an alternative game for it 😑 . #psplus
byu/Puzzleheaded-Egg7583 inPlayStationPlus

With Black Friday deals approaching for PS4 and PS5 players, there is the off-chance that Sony may rectify the lack of alternative as a good will gesture, but we wager that players will just have to wait for December’s PS Plus games instead. You can keep up with all the new PS5 games releasing here, as moments like the Modern Warfare 3 release date approach fast.