One of 2023’s most divisive FPS games may magically arrive on PS Plus

Forget MW3, when it comes to divisive FPS games, then Immortals of Aveum is definitely a contender and it may arrive on PS Plus soon.

PS Plus Immortals of Aveum

Choosing what FPS you should dedicate hours to can be hard, especially when you’ve got the live service grind of Apex Legends and Modern Warfare 3 to contend with. Well, if you’ve been looking for new PS Plus games to dig into, a little patience might pay off. Despite mixed reviews earlier this year, Ascendant Studios CEO Bret Robbins teases that Immortals of Aveum could be headed to PS Plus in the future.

You probably don’t have Immortals of Aveum in your best FPS games list, but even with its shortcomings, the game has found a passionate audience over the last few months. Speaking to Windows Central, Robbins says that adding the game to PS Plus could be a great, as it means “more people might engage with the game, that’s always good.” Robbins adds that subscription platforms like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass “give you a wider funnel” to find potential players, and that conversations have taken place to bring Immortals of Aveum to either service.

“We are talking to them about getting the game onto both of those services. We don’t have a date yet, I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen, though,” Robbins expresses. Joining all the free PS Plus games around could certainly boost the game’s reputation, and it wouldn’t be the first time PS Plus has had this effect.

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Games like Marvel’s Avengers and Battlefield 2042 both saw great spikes in their player base, with the latter in particular gaining praise for its myriad of improvements. We still think Marvel’s Avengers is worth saving, though. The Immortals of Aveum length is longer than other FPS narratives this year, beating out recent examples like the MW3 campaign. In our Immortals of Aveum review, we note that while it has complex lore to grasp, the “strong shooting and grand world design” are the game’s strengths.

It certainly has some similarities to Ghostwire Tokyo, another game which is also part of the PS Plus Extra and Premium games list. However, it is up to you whether you prefer the more medieval-tinged fantasy of Immortals of Aveum, or the folk lore horrors of Tango Gameworks’ mythical FPS. Who knows, they might just be some of the best PS5 games you’ll come across this year. That’s the beauty of finding games to play PS Plus.

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Elsewhere, PS Plus Black Friday deals are still ongoing, so don’t forget to grab yourself a cheaper subscription and a few bargains.