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Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex and Pokémon Violet Pokédex for Paldea region

The Pokémon Scarlet Pokedex and Pokémon Violet Pokedex are crammed with new and returning monsters to catch and train in the new Paldea region

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex: A Cyclizar roars to the sky as their trainer stands behind preparing for battle

If you are looking for the Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex and the Pokémon Violet Pokédex for the Paldea region, you’re in the right place. Pokémon games are all about filling up your Pokédex and collecting as many Pokémon as possible.

The vast majority of the Paldean Pokédex in Scarlet and Violet is made up of old Pokémon we have seen in previous games, but there are a significant amount of new additions that are fresh to Paldea as well.

Here’s everything we know about the Pokedex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and some of the notable Pokémon you’ll be encountering in the Paldea region.

Pokémon Scarlet Pokédex and Pokémon Violet Pokédex

Currently, the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex consists of 257 Pokémon. This consists of 24 confirmed new Scarlet and Violet Pokémon and 233 returning Pokémon. There are also some confirmed and rumoured Scarlet and Violet version-exclusives. You can see the full Pokédex here, but below is a list of some of the most notable new and returning Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

  • Sprigatito – Grass starter Pokémon
  • Fuecoco – Fire starter Pokémon
  • Quaxly – Water starter Pokémon
  • Paldean Wooper – regional form of Wooper
  • Cyclizar – rideable Pokémon
  • Koraidon – Scarlet exclusive legendary
  • Miraidon – Violet exclusive legendary
  • Armarouge – version-exclusive to Scarlet
  • Ceruledge – version-exclusive to Violet
  • Farigiraf – new evolution for Girafarig
  • Riolu and Lucario
  • Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar – Scarlet exclusive
  • Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence – Violet exclusive
  • Happiny, Chansey, Blissey
  • Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu
  • Magikarp, Gyarados
  • Eevee and its Eeveelutions
  • Deino, Zweilous, Hydreigon
  • Rolycoly, Carkol, Coalossal
  • Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite

As you can see the Pokédex is already stacked with exciting Pokemon, both new and returning. However, we expect the Dex to grow when the game launches, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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