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The new Palworld update just made your Pals twice as powerful

If your Pals have been feeling weak lately, the new set of Palworld patch notes reveal that a damage bug has been plaguing the Xbox hit.

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I’ve got some good news and bad news for all my fellow Palworld players out there. The good news is that your Pals are now dealing twice as much damage following the release of the new Palworld update for Xbox players. Huzzah! The bad news is that this change isn’t some massive buff – it’s a fix for a damage calculation issue that no one even knew about.

The latest Palworld update, which is version of the hit survival game, has now arrived for Xbox players, and while there is no new content added this time around, there are several important fixes. The most notable is certainly the fix for a bug that was causing “all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage”, according to Pocketpair. That’s quite the bug, but incredibly, it’s gone largely unnoticed. While there have been recent reports from some players that damage output was feeling a little off, the majority of players (myself included) have been blissfully unaware that such an issue has been hampering the open-world game.

Now that this bug is fixed, expect your Pals’ attacks to feel a lot stronger – twice as strong, in fact. However, know that this is a double-edged sword. With this bug affecting “all” Pals, it now also means wild Pals, Palworld bosses, and even the new raid boss Bellanoir will all be dealing more damage than they have been in recent days. The fix is definitely a welcome one, but it is equal parts amusing and concerning to see how blissfully unaware the Palworld community was that this bug was even affecting one of the best Xbox Game Pass games in the first place.

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This isn’t the only bit of repair work being done in the new Palworld update. Your Pals can now sleep more soundly at night thanks to a new fix for a jittery, glitchy animation that some Pals experienced while taking a nap on a Pal bed. Two attacks have also had hitbox detection improved: Nightmare Ray, and Nightmare Bloom.

There are also lots of minor bug fixes not explicitly mentioned in the new patch notes.

This update is another small step towards Pocketpair getting Palworld in ship-shape condition for a full launch out of early access in the future – something that could also pave the way for a Palworld PS5 release as well. Despite all the jank and bugs, it’s managed to solidify itself as more than just a first-week fad and is genuinely one of the most fun new Xbox games of the year so far.

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Things are shaping up to get even better too, as Pocketpair recently revealed that a PvP mode and a “major” summer update of new content was in the pipeline for this year.

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