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How to merge accounts in Overwatch 2?

Are you wondering how to merge your accounts in Overwatch 2? Here are the steps you need to take to get your Battle.net ID in shape for the sequel

Overwatch 2 Merge Accounts: Doomfist, Winston, Baptiste, Pharah can be seen fighting

Overwatch 2 is here and it makes a number of big behind-the-scenes leaps for the franchise. One of those leaps is the addition of Overwatch 2 crossplay and crossprogression, which allows you to play with friends no matter where they are and bring your unlocks across all the platforms you play the game on. But, to get yourself in shape you will need to know how to perform an account merge and how to merge your accounts in Overwatch 2.

The process is necessary for those on consoles as you need to have a Battle.net ID to play Overwatch 2 due to both crossplay and crossprogression. But, in order to transfer your Overwatch skins to Overwatch 2 on consoles, you will also need to perform this account merge.

Therefore, it is vital you perform it properly and merge the accounts in the way you want as you only get one shot. So, for the steps on what to do to merge your accounts in Overwatch 2, read below.

How to merge your accounts in Overwatch 2?

To merge your accounts in Overwatch 2, you need to do the following steps, as confirmed by Blizzard in a blog post.

  • Login to Overwatch from your console account
  • Follow the prompts to scan a QR Code on your mobile phone
  • Enter the code displayed on your console to connect to or create a new Battle.net account.
  • Once complete, you will be prompted to confirm your console account upon the next game login to merge your accounts

You can also do this via a PC using the Battle.net connections page on Battle.net and signing into your console accounts there. Once a console account has been merged with a battle.net account, you will be unable to then link to another console account on the same platform. So, make sure you have the right accounts selected as there is only one opportunity to merge all of them together to your Battle.net account.

All platforms Overwatch is available on – PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch – work with an account merge. It’s key to link all your accounts across every platform where you played Overwatch to your Battle.net ID before performing an account merge. Blizzard states that “once you confirm the account merge, you will be unable to immediately link a new console account to that battle.net account”. So, you need to get everything in order first before you actually initiate the account merge.

Once an account merge has been completed, you can unlink your console accounts from your Battle.net account. But, this will remove that progress and unified progression from that platform, or your cosmetics from the first game as all your progress is stored on your Battle.net ID. In addition, after unblinking an account, there is a one-year cooldown for linking new accounts to your Battle.net account.

Overwatch 2 How to merge your accounts: Sombra can be seen alongside details about crossprogression and an account merge

After an account merge has been performed, all of your statistics, items, unlocks, cosmetics, and more from your linked accounts will be brought over. So, you will have access to almost everything in the same way it was when you left it before the Overwatch server shutdown.

With the details on how to merge your accounts in Overwatch 2, you should be more than ready to jump in and begin earning new unlocks in Overwatch 2. Whether those unlocks come from the store or unlocking them via the battle pass, they will all add to a growing library of items in Overwatch 2.