Overwatch 2 crossplay – can you play with friends across platforms?

Everything we know about Overwatch 2 crossplay and how to play with your friends across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

Overwatch 2 promises to bring much of the content and features from the original Overwatch you know and love along for the ride when it eventually launches, but what about those of us looking to play with friends on other platforms? With the Overwatch 2 release date hovering on the horizon, many players are eager to find out whether crossplay makes the leap over to the sequel, and whether it will be available on every platform.

It’s something of a touchy subject for fans of the series, given that the first Overwatch only received crossplay support in June 2021 – five years on from the game’s original release date. With other features, like the rumoured Overwatch 2 free-to-play price model, and a potential Overwatch 2 battle pass being implemented, hopes are that these changes don’t affect the game’s crossplay options.

Overwatch also had some limitations in its crossplay that are worth noting, especially for those hoping to play their console-playing friends from their PC, or vice-versa. With that in mind, read below to find out everything we know about Overwatch 2 crossplay, whether it’s confirmed for your platform of choice, and any limitations that may affect your platform.


As of right now, Overwatch 2 crossplay has not been officially confirmed on any platform.

We are still awaiting an official list of platforms the sequel will be appearing on – thus it cannot be confirmed yet whether crossplay will be possible between those platforms. However, there’s a good chance that Overwatch 2 crossplay will be implemented, due to the semi-sequel nature of Overwatch 2’s release.

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Players of the original Overwatch will be entitled to a free upgrade to the new Overwatch 2 engine once the game releases, and it has been confirmed that players of the original Overwatch will be able to play and access the same PvP content as players who own Overwatch 2. As such, it’s safe to assume that Overwatch 2 will have crossplay just as its predecessor does.

Crossplay in Overwatch is available for all PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC players, though console players and PC players cannot match each other in the game’s competitive mode so as to prevent mouse and keyboard players from having an advantage over controller players. It is likely that all of this will be the same for Overwatch 2 when it releases.

And that’s everything we know about Overwatch 2 crossplay so far. While we wait for more information, maybe get some training in on the original Overwatch’s competitive mode, and use our Overwatch 2 heroes guide to learn all about hero abilities and where best to use them.