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Overwatch 2 battle pass - how it works, tiers, rewards

Overwatch 2's Battle Pass has been revealed and we have a rundown of how it appears to work, the different tiers, and rewards you can earn

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass: Sojourn can be seen sliding

Blizzard has unveiled the Overwatch 2 battle pass which will be available from the game’s launch and refreshed with every season. Alongside revealing the battle pass in June 2022 Blizzard then went on to detail what we can expect each season.

The studio is aiming to make Overwatch 2 an always-living, ever-evolving game so features like the Battle Pass and how microtransactions work are unlikely to shift drastically from what the game launches with. However, we should hopefully see rewards evolve and expand as each new season is introduced every nine weeks.

Below, you can find a rundown of what is in the Overwatch 2 battle pass. We also touch on how you can expect to rank it up and the differences between the free and premium tracks of it.

Overwatch 2 battle pass

Overwatch 2’s battle pass includes 80 tiers of content for the game’s roster of characters, as confirmed by Blizzard. There are both free and premium versions of the battle pass. These tiers within the battle pass each contain one reward and there are a select few free items, with most locked behind the premium battle pass.

The rewards within this battle pass include skins, emblems, voice lines, weapon charms, and emotes and poses for the game’s characters. You can also get XP boosts and other items.

You will rank up the Overwatch 2 battle pass by completing weekly challenges rather than just simply earning XP, which might mean that you will have to check in on a regular basis with daily and weekly challenges. You can also group up for a 20% XP boost on match XP.

The Premium Battle Pass costs 1000 Overwatch Coins which is equivalent to $10. And, if you purchase the premium battle pass after you have already begun to level up the free one, you will automatically get all the previous rank unlocks up to where you are on the track.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass: The battle pass can be seen

The Battle Pass for each season will be available for nine weeks, matching the length of each season. But, once the game transitions to a new season you will not be able to continue to rank up a previous season’s battle pass. So, you will have to make the most of those nine weeks if you want to grab some of the top rewards.

With the knowledge of how the Overwatch 2 battle pass works, you can begin unlocking all the heroes in Overwatch 2 or finding your new main character. Our Overwatch 2 tier list should give you some tips on who to use so you can dominate matches online.