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Is Overwatch 2 free to play?

Are you wondering if Overwatch 2 will be free to play? The Loadout has you covered with our guide to Blizzard's next FPS game's release plans

overwatch 2 free to play tracer

Overwatch 2 is finally here six years after the release of the original. The series is packed full of unique characters and maps and has some of the best personalities of any multiplayer game out there. But is Overwatch 2 free to play?

That might sound like a strange query seeing as the first game was a fully priced game, but games have changed a lot since 2016 and the free-to-play model is now more popular than ever. Overwatch 2 is also somewhat of an extension of the original game, rather than a dramatic shift.

So, read on below to find out everything we know about whether you’ll have to stump up some cash to pay for Overwatch 2 or if Overwatch 2 is free to play.

Is Overwatch 2 free to play?

Overwatch 2 is free to play on all platforms for the competitive PvP. You can download the game right now from your storefront using our how to download Overwatch 2 article.

This confirmed a leak from ‘The Snitch‘, who has correctly leaked many details and had suggested the game will be free to play just a few days ago. The Snitch leaked this announcement by posting the main motto phrases for Overwatch and ending with “free-to-play”. We are still awaiting confirmation from Blizzard on if this is the case, but we will keep this article updated with the latest information

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