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Does NHL 24 have crossplay?

As the premier ice hockey game, here's all the NHL 24 crossplay details for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One to find out how to play together.

NHL 24 crossplay: Trevor Zegras looking to the right with his stick pointing down. An Xbox and PlayStation logo feature on the right side of the image.

NHL 24 crossplay is one of the most requested features in the latest title, with fans hoping to see a full crossplay system. After all, crossplay is one of the most important features in modern gaming, letting players across all platforms play together. With intense sports games like NHL, it’s even more exciting as your friends can’t hide behind the excuse of playing on a different platform when you challenge them to a match. But, does NHL 24 have crossplay? We’ve got all the latest details right here.

The NHL 24 fun is yet to fully kick off, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for new and improved features like crossplay. So whether you’re crashing into the arena on the NHL 24 release date or potentially even NHL 24 Game Pass later on, find out if you can play with friends on other platforms.

Does NHL 24 have crossplay?

NHL 24 crossplay is available in Hockey Ultimate Team and World of Chel modes, allowing players on the same console generation to play with and against each other in select game modes on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, following on from its inclusion in NHL 23.

This was officially confirmed by EA Sports during the NHL 24 reveal trailer. It’s worth noting that when it comes to HUT crossplay, this mode will only allow cross-console invites in private matches, while World of Chel allows a more open form of cross-console play.

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Crossplay and cross-platform interaction was introduced last year with a post-launch update NHL 23, which was great news for many NHL fans. This system lets players team up and play against each other across the same console generation for the very first time in the series. Given its introduction in the previous game, it’s good to see it continue here at launch.

NHL 24 crossplay: An official infographic by EA Sports detailing crossplay support.

However, many players were hoping NHL 24 crossplay would expand on the system further, as this feature was rather limited in its first incarnation.

Previously only being available in the World of Chel modes and HUT, NHL 24 has not expanded the system to cover more modes and allow players on different console generations to play together. While it was undoubtedly a huge step forward allowing PS4 and Xbox One players, and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S to play together, and it’s good to see it return, there will still be a large separation between the player base.

Without cross-generation crossplay, only PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and PS4 and Xbox One players can play together. This makes it impossible to play with your friends if they’re on a system ahead or behind you, which is still commonplace even years into the current generation of consoles.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about the impact of crossplay on HUT leaderboards of the Auction House. The HUT leaderboards will remain console-specific, so each console has it’s own leaderboard. On the other hand, the Auction House is combined based on console generations, meaning PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has a shared Auction House, and PS4 and Xbox One will have a shared Auction House.

As for queue times, players should see wait times to find opponents reduced. With a much larger player pool to draw from, finding a match should be quicker than ever which is great news when you’re eager to get back into the action. We’re sure this will be even more important for those players dissatisfied with the NHL 24 soundtrack that will be blazing while waiting.

NHL 24 release date: A crossplay infographic.

Why does NHL 24 crossplay matter?

Crossplay is great for competitive sports games like NHL 24, letting more players compete against and alongside one another than would otherwise be possible. Unlike competitive shooters, there’s also not as much room for unfair advantages between systems, so there’s not quite as many knock-on problems that can cause players to turn the functionality off in other games.

Overall, it’s not just great for letting friends connect and play together, but it’s perfect for building a more connected community that can keep the game active as it reaches the end of the yearly life cycle. In the modern gaming industry, it’s more or less expected for games to feature crossplay to some extent as players have become accustomed to a more accessible and open experience.

That covers all the details on NHL 24 crossplay functionality. However, it would have been great to see several improvements to the system with the upcoming game to bring it up to par with many of the best crossplay games out there, but EA’s sports titles have been far behind the curve.