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Can you play as ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound?

Are you wondering if ASAP Rocky is playable in Need For Speed Unbound? Here is what we know about his role in the racing game and where he shows up

Need For Speed Unbound: ASAP Rocky can be seen on a car hood

A$AP Rocky has become the focus of Need For Speed Unbound ever since it leaked. After all, he plays a big role in the game, produced an original song for the racer in the soundtrack, and was a part of the reveal trailer. But, one question has already started to percolate in people’s minds. Can you play as ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound?

You would imagine with ASAP Rocky playing such a big part in the racing game, EA would want you to see Lakeshore City through his eyes. But, details about who you play as in the main game are still under wraps for now. So, can you play as ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound? Find out what we have gathered from EA and Criterion’s comments so far.

Can you play as ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound?

It doesn’t appear that you are able to play as ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound. As revealed to IGN, A$AP Rocky will appear as an in-game leader in a dedicated mode within the game called Takeover Scene. This mode will see players work together to take over parts of Lakeshore City.

This appears to be a kind of blended PvE co-op mode where it has its own campaign but it is progressed by working and joining up with other players. We have yet to receive details about how the Takeover Scene mode will work in full, but we expect to hear a lot more between now and the game’s release. But, if we had to guess, this sounds like ASAP Rocky will guide you through the mode, rather than be who you play as. But, that is a guess on our part until EA confirm more.

And, we will definitely see more from A$AP Rocky in the game before then as well. He is effectively the face of Unbound so I imagine Criterion and EA will reveal a lot more about his role in Takeover Scene on the Lakeshore City map soon.

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