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Is NBA 2K24 on Game Pass?

Look no further to find out if an NBA 2K24 Game Pass release will be available in 2023, so you can enter the court on Xbox and PC without spending a dime on it.

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As the latest installment in the hit basketball series, long-time fans and newcomers alike are eager to know whether an NBA 2K24 Game Pass release is a possibility. Well, we’ve got everything you need to know so you can find out whether you’ll need to purchase the game separately, or if it’s included in your subscription.

While 2K have been holding off on showing too much of NBA 2K24, a Game Pass release would no doubt be a popular addition to the service once the NBA 2K24 release date finally arrives. But with NBA 2K24 pre-orders now live, there’s no better time to find out if you need to get in early or enjoy it through the wildly popular service.

Is NBA 2K24 on Game Pass?

NBA 2K24 will not be on Game Pass when it releases on Friday, September 8, 2023. Nothing has been announced by 2K and the series hasn’t launched onto the service in the past. With that said, it’s possible that the game could come to the service in the future, as NBA 2K22 did.

It’s worth noting that NBA 2K23 has yet to come to Game Pass, though it did have a free weekend trial and it was featured as a PS Plus June 2023 game, making it possible it could come to the service soon. This makes it unlikely that NBA 2K24, the latest in the series, will arrive on launch day. Nevertheless, while it’s unlikely NBA 2K24 will be on Game Pass at launch, there’s certainly a chance it could arrive in the months following release. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from 2K, and when that happens, we’ll update this guide.

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That’s all there is to know about a possible NBA 2K24 Game Pass release. And while it’s looking unlikely we’ll see it on the service on day one, there’s plenty of other news to be excited about, especially NBA 2K24 crossplay details and the NBA 2K24 locker codes that are likely to return. Fingers-crossed.