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MultiVersus update going to nerf frustrating repetitive combos

MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh has revealed that an upcoming update is going to nerf the fighting game's frustrating repetitive combo strings and movesets

MultiVersus update nerf combo repeat moves: an image of Stripe the Gremlin and Arya Stark

It goes without saying at this point, but MultiVersus is a fantastic free-to-play platform brawler and might just be one of the best fighting games out there at the moment. However, it’s far from perfect – and Player First Games is well aware of that. Earlier, game director Tony Huynh revealed that MultiVersus fans should prepare for two “really big” updates in a row and it looks like we’re starting to find out why. Not only is MultiVersus’ Stripe release date on the way, but it looks like the developers are nerfing repetitive combos yet again – which is certainly going to change up our MultiVersus tier list.

Taking to Twitter to break the news, Huynh responded to a disgruntled fan who shared a clip of an inescapable repetitive combo with the revelation that the “next patch has it so you can’t do an attack in the same combo more than two times”.

With both ‘ground bounce’ and ‘juggling’ combos in MultiVersus based on repeating a select few moves, this change is certainly going to have a huge impact on the meta of the fighting game and the way people play.

If a player tries to repeat a move a third time in the same combo, Hunyh has confirmed that it will simply result in the player dropping the combo. We don’t know what that will mean in-game, but it could very well mean that an attack is made ineffective or an additional attack delay is introduced to afford players time to escape.

As you might imagine, even though we haven’t actually seen how this will work in-game, some fans are upset with the decision to curtail combos that repeat attacks more than twice – the comments on Huynh’s announcement of the aforementioned changes are enough to tell you that this could be quite controversial when it drops.

Interestingly, a number of MultiVersus-based accounts on said social media platform are suggesting that the limit of repeat moves in a combo will actually be three – not two – which is something that seems more agreeable with the community. But, we won’t know for sure until the next set of MultiVersus patch notes drop.

So, for now, we just have to wait and look forward to the Black Adam release date and MultiVersus’ Season 2 start for more content and, with any luck, a more balanced game.