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MultiVersus patch 1.04 nerfs Gizmo, Rick, and Velma as Stripe arrives

MultiVersus' update patch 1.04 is here and there are nerfs for Gizmo, Rick, Jake, and more alongside a new Anti-Infinite System that promises to tackle combos

MultiVersus patch 1.04 update: an image of a green Stripe Gremlin

We know the jury’s still out on whether MultiVersus is indeed one of the best fighting games out there right now, but you can’t help but think Player First Games is trying its best to make that the case – especially when you look at the latest set of MultiVersus patch notes. Following game director Tony Huynh’s announcement that MultiVersus’ update is going to nerf frustrating repetitive combos, the game’s new Anti-Infinite System has been unveiled alongside a MultiVersus patch packed with nerfs for popular fighters like Gizmo, Rick, Morty, and more.

Before we get stuck into all these nerfs, though, we need to talk about the strange Anti-Infinite System being introduced and what this means. To quote the update 1.04 patch notes, the system itself has “lowered the same attack limit from 4 to 3”. This has been done so that “using the same attack 3 times in the same hitstun combo will now decay the attack and all subsequent attacks in the combo”.

Why would Player First Games do this? Well, it wants to “put a global soft-cap on infinite combos and make combos more creative” on the whole. It’s hoping that “the change pushes players to explore new and more exciting combo routes instead of the same attacks looped together” – whether this works or not, however, remains to be seen.

As for the fighter nerfs, Gizmo is one of those characters hit hardest. His Ground Side Special attack – the one with the car – will now only deal damage while Gizmo is on it and will require almost double the speed before it starts to hit others. In addition to this, his Up Special move, his dodge meter, and his Ground Down Attack will all have longer cooldowns and recovery.

Adding to this, both Rick and Morty have been hit with several nerfs. Morty’s Ground Down Special is going to have a shorter ally save duration and an increased cooldown – now, it’s up to 42s. And, like Gizmo, his dodge meter is going to recover a lot slower than it used to.

As for Rick, he’s going to be a lot weaker in the air than he used to be. His Ground Up Special, Air Up Special, Ground Down Special, and Air Side Attack will all be weaker moving forward. In addition to this, his Charged Neutral Blaster is now going to operate on an ammo system where he’s given one ammo every 8s. Yeah, less than ideal for Rick mains.

MultiVersus patch 1.04 update nerfs: an image of Jake, Finn, Shaggy, and Batman

Elsewhere in these recent patch notes, Batman, Finn, Iron Giant, Jake, LeBron, Shaggy, Superman, Tom and Jerry, and Harley will all have a longer recovery for their dodge meters moving forwards. Hopefully, though, the aforementioned Anti-Infinite System should mitigate any extra danger you find yourself in.

Interestingly, Jerry’s going to have one more HP – which should help him stick around a little longer in a fight – and Superman is going to have one more Eye Laser charge than usual. However, Garnet is the only MultiVersus fighter with any sort of buffs in this update.

Going forwards, Player First Games has removed hurt boxes from both her hands and arms for a number of moves and her Air Up Special is going to offer more upwards movement going forwards. She does suffer from a dodge meter recovery reduction though – so, we’re not expecting this to change her place in our MultiVersus tier list all that much.

Still, there’s a lot to unpack here and you can find the specifics in the MultiVersus official patch notes post right here. We know MultiVersus fans were told to prepare for two “really big” updates in a row, but is this the first one of those? If so, we’re not so concerned about what’s next for MultiVersus – we just want to know when the Black Adam release date is.