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MultiVersus asks fighting game fans to dream up spicier challenges

Do you think MultiVersus' Daily and Weekly Challenges are a little lacklustre? Well, game director Tony Huynh is asking you, the fans, for ways to improve them

MultiVersus asks fans Daily Weekly Challenges: an image of Arya and Gizmo

We know unlocking MultiVersus’ Halloween skins from the Candy Store is very grindy, but we have hope that this might not be the case forever. Player First Games has once again proven that it’s willing to listen to what fighting game fans really think about MultiVersus. We know that MultiVersus is buttering up Toast in an upcoming update, thanks to fan feedback, and now it’s looking at the game’s Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges.

In an effort to keep things fresh, and see what the community is after, MultiVersus’ game director Tony Huynh has taken to Twitter to ask fans for new Daily Challenges and Weekly Challenges – you know, to “spice” them up a bit.

Responding to this, you might be somewhat surprised to learn that quite a few players actually manage to offer up some decent suggestions when it comes to finding ways for Player First Games to effectively improve the Daily and Weekly Challenges currently available in MultiVersus.

For example, one fan has suggested that the game should only offer you missions based on the characters you have access to – while also keeping the characters in free rotation out of any season-long missions. We don’t know if we agree with the second half of that, but it certainly sounds like a good idea to develop a system that only offers players missions they can actually complete.

Another fan has suggested that offering players Gold as a reward once they have completed the active battle pass would be a fantastic way of incentivising players to continue playing while they wait for the next season to start. This is something that, again, we think is a pretty decent idea.

Someone else has suggested that MultiVersus should look into what they have dubbed “co-op challenges” – as in, specific challenges for duos who play as two characters related to one another. For example, challenges for a duo who play as Finn and Jake or Steven Universe and Garnet. While we’re not sure this would be the best idea, it would be something to explore when the roster fills out a little more.

Of course, there are also quite a few suggestions along the lines of “crouch 10 times in five seconds in a match”, but quite a few of the suggestions are genuine and all sound like things you’d expect to see in MultiVersus already.

So, we have high hopes that Player First Games will continue to work on making this one of the best fighting games out there right now. We know MultiVersus patch 1.04 nerfs Gizmo, Rick, and Velma, as Stripe arrives, but balancing a game with so many characters vying for a top spot on the MultiVersus tier list might be difficult. We just hope Player First Games can manage that while also taking some of these suggestions into consideration.