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Unlocking MultiVersus’ Halloween skins from Candy Store is very grindy

MultiVersus' Halloween skins are finally here and some of them are free, sort of - here's how long it's going to take you to unlock them in the Candy Store

MultiVersus Halloween skins candy store unlock time: an image of Mummy Reindog

We know we like to say that Player First Games’ MultiVersus is one of the best fighting games available right now, but we’re starting to think we should reconsider. Following the exciting reveal that MultiVersus Halloween skins are coming to the fighting game for spooky season, a handful of the game’s players have worked out just how long it’s going to take to unlock all four Halloween-themed cosmetics from the MultiVersus limited-time Candy Store – and, we don’t say this lightly, it’s a ridiculous amount of time.

Through the limited-time Candy Store, MultiVersus players will be able to get their hands on the Pumpkin Patch player icon for 200 Candy, the Jack-O-Lantern sticker for 600 Candy, the Mummy Reindog skin for 3,000 Candy, and the Calico Cake Jake skin for 12,000 Candy.

Now, on paper, this doesn’t look outrageous – even if the Calico Cake Jake skin is four times as much as the Mummy Reindog skin. However, when you look at the rate in which you earn Candy throughout the fighting game’s Halloween event period – which is October 15 to November 15 – you realise just how much it actually is.

Kicking off calculations, Reddit user ‘TallVampireWithMagnum’ shared this hand-drawn assessment with the claim that it will take players roughly 38 hours of gameplay to earn enough Candy to buy everything in the MultiVersus Candy Store – which, let’s be honest, is a lot of time in itself.

With this working out done on the estimate that the average game of MultiVersus takes three minutes to finish, a few players with similar concerns had their doubts.

doable I guess, I have only 120 hours on Multiversus (dont judge my math) from MultiVersusTheGame

So, maths whiz ‘MnemonicPunk’ entered the discussion with their own workings out. They believe that the time spent in menus and the pre-match set-up screens should be taken into account.

So, breaking out the calculator, they have worked out that it could take upwards of 80 hours to earn enough Candy to unlock everything. That works out at around three hours of MultiVersus a day, every day, for the entire month.

Interestingly, though, this isn’t the entire story – even though the maths from MnemonicPunk is correct. Another Redditor has pointed out that you actually earn double the amount of Candy in-game when you’re using a Halloween skin – whether that’s a Candy-unlocked skin like Mummy Reindog or a Gleamium-unlocked skin like Witch Velma.

Taking that into consideration, MnemonicPunk updated their workings and revealed that it would only take players around 37 hours of MultiVersus to unlock everything in the Candy Store. However, this is only true if you and your 2v2 partner both play as Mummy Reindog as soon as you unlock them. Or, you know, you spend real money on a Gleamium-unlocked Halloween skin.

So, playing MultiVersus naturally without spending any real money, you’re going to be looking at a solid three hours of MultiVersus a day for an entire month if you want to unlock everything in the Candy Store. We know you need game time to sort out a MultiVersus tier list, but this feels like a bit too much of a grind.