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How to get called up in MLB The Show 23 Road to the Show

In this guide we’ll tell you how to get brought up to the major league team of your baseball dreams as well as some tips to get you there sooner.

MLB The Show 23 How To Get Called Up: A player can be seen

Getting called up is every baseball fan’s dream but how can you get called up in MLB the Show 23? Your Road to the Show character possesses stats which you can mould into a player of your own. These stats affect their personal gameplay style, so you may be a powerful hitter, a quick-footed base stealer, or an eagle-eyed pitcher. You can design this character and train them up as much as you want in any specific playstyle.

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How to get called up in MLB The Show 23 Road to the Show

To get called up to a team in Road to the Show, you need to be the highest-rated player at the position in the team you’ve chosen. This means outperforming the current top-rated player and becoming the starting player in that position.

Position-wise, pitchers tend to have more open spots as starters than hitters and other position players. So think about warming up that throwing arm because you’ll have more work on your hands as a hitter. Remember you’ll stay in the field position you’ve chosen unless allowed to change position by your team’s management during your career.

After creating your character, you immediately get the choice of which Major League baseball team you are aiming to be called up to. You’ll first be assigned to the minor league double-A affiliate squad of your chosen team and have to prove yourself to even think about getting called up.

Naturally, it will take as long as how good you perform to make it to the big leagues, having an amazing season may get the attention of a major team. Most players of quality get called up come August 1st on the calendar which is why we recommend not simulating the games, but manually playing every game your character is in the lineup for.

MLB The Show 23 How To Get Called Up: The menu can be seen

Outperforming the opposing team is the main goal here. Getting base hits, earning runs, and pulling off efficient fielding if you’re a position player. Perform strikeouts if you plan on being a pitcher. Again, you can take a chance and simulate the games in hopes that your player stats go up automatically but manually participating in each game yourself is the way to go to ensure your statistics increase. Depending on how good you are of course, remember you can always change your hitting, fielding, base running, and pitching control settings to better suit your gameplay style in the main menu.

To further assist you, Dynamic Challenges occasionally appear in clutch moments which grant you more points in the respected challenge stat, that is if you can pull it off. Practice makes perfect so be prepared to achieve harder goals in specific situations, whether it’s to drive in a run or throw out a side in nine pitches. Additionally, in your characters perk menu, you can equip two perks that can further assist with minor stat bonuses. You can eventually upgrade from two to four slots for even more perks.

There are also items in the player menu which can help your stats, skill set, perks, and equipment, all of these add slight bonuses depending on which item you equip and can stack together in a loadout. It’s only a tiny bonus to your stats but it could be a lifesaver come crunch time.

MLB The Show 23 How To Get Called Up: The menu can be seen

These equipment and perk bonus stats can also be used to make up certain status areas where your player may be lacking some support. Do you have a big power hitter who drags when it comes to rounding the bases? Maybe throw a few perks and equipment pieces that help out their speed stat. This school of thought may help you when your team is in a pinch and you’ve been allowed to lead them to victory.

And there we have it, that’s how to get called up in MLB The Show 23 Road to the Show. Be sure to check out our guides on the different MLB The Show 23 Legends you can play and which songs are on the MLB The Show 23 soundtrack and song list.