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Is MLB The Show 23 on Game Pass?

Get an idea of if MLB The Show 23 is on Game Pass and if you can jump in to this year's entry in the series without buying the game on Xbox consoles.

MLB The Show 23: Jazz Chisolm Jr can be seen

Is MLB The Show 23 on Game Pass? After years of releasing directly into the service, baseball fans are once again keen to know if they will be able to jump into this year’s game without needing to pay $60 or $70 on current generation consoles.

Below, you can find the answer, as well as an overview of how Game Pass works and has worked in the past for the series, which is currently entering its third year on Xbox and second year on Nintendo Switch. With advancements every year, hopefully, this year’s game will be able to land with as much of a bang as previous entries in the series.

MLB The Show 23 will be available on Game Pass when the game releases on March 28, 2023. Like previous years, it will be available on both console and cloud. Players can play early through Game Pass from March 24, 2023, by purchasing the early access bundle.

This will mark the third year the game has been available on Game Pass at launch for those on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. PS5 and PS4 players will still need to purchase the game at full price, with no way to get it through PS Plus or any other means.

So there you have the answer about MLB The Show 23 on Game Pass. For more on the game in the run-up to launch, be sure to catch up on everything we know as we approach the MLB The Show 23 release date in March.